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Back to School Bundle

Everything you need to start the year right


School starts and we begin to interact with a wider circle of the world around us. The back to school bundle includes four items that can help for a balanced fall. From a protected immune system to focus in school, this is a great package for the new season.



Floral Accent - Green

This four product bundle includes Rev it up!, Focus, Center, & Armor.

Rev It Up™is an immune system booster: This fragrant blend of pure essential oils provides a strong defense against viral infections while rebuilding weakened immunity. Don’t face cold and flu season without it!

Focus: combat fatigue and sharpen your senses.

Center: essential oil blend helps to balance the mind with focused attention. This is an excellent blend of essential oils that is designed to assist with mental clarity and eliminate “brain fog”.  It contains oils that are high in sesquiterpenes, which increase oxygen around the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus of the brain.

Armor: Protect yourself from unknown foreign attackers with Armor™, the traveler’s best friend. Our super-concentrated blend supports your immune and respiratory systems—a little goes a long way to keep you breathing easier.


Floral Accent - Purple

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