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At Inshanti, every essential oil blend we sell is skillfully put together by our master blender, Debra Stoltzfus to contribute to the health and well-being of our customers. And Deb’s years of formal study and certification prep enable her to create a custom blend that fits you or your business perfectly.


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Set Your Business Apart with a Custom Essential Oil Blend

You’ve created a unique business that delivers a quality service to your customers. Now you can enhance your services with a custom essential oil blend developed specifically for your business.

Debra Stoltzfus, our master blender, will work with you to craft a product you’re proud to call your own. You can cocreate an aromatic massage oil for your therapists’ use or a lotion you market to your customers so they can take your signature scent home with them. A custom blend entices customers to return to your business because it’s the only place they can indulge in that captivating aroma.

The gateway to your own signature custom blend is our inclusive development package. Your $500 development fee takes you from wishful thinking to signature blend. You receive:

  • A private consultation of up to two hours with Debra to discuss your company needs.
  • A review of your detailed Custom Blend for Business Formulation Form by Debra prior to your appointment and with you at the appointment.
  • An Olfactory Discernment Test to determine which aroma notes—such as floral, citrus, herbal, woodsy—best meet your desires for your product.
  • Up to three hours of research time to develop your custom blend.*
  • Three sample blends for you to choose from.*

To enhance our partnership, we offer you a credit of 10% of each custom blend product order placed in the first six months, up to 50% of your initial development fee (up to $250).

Take your business to the next level today! Carefully fill out the digital Custom Blend for Business Formulation Form and submit it to us with your $500 payment (or print it out, fill it in and mail it to us with your $500 check). We will contact you to schedule your appointment.

Custom Blend for Business Formulation Form



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