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Meet our Master Blender, Debra Stoltzfus

With her combined interest in chemistry and total body and mind wellness, for expert chemist and Blend Master Debra Stoltzfus, essential oils are far from just a business – they are her craft, her passion, and her art form. From ensuring the underlying chemical composition of the highest grade oils from across the globe to coordinating the perfect combination of aromatic and therapeutic qualities, each oil and oil blend is a polished masterpiece from a highly-skilled artisan.

Raised in Lancaster County, Debra is a life-long learner fascinated by science and fact-based research.  After working in the wellness industry from the age 18, amassing a considerable education in fitness, anatomy and physiology, and cosmetology, Stoltzfus was introduced not to just the benefits of essential oils, but the science behind their creation  – and was hooked.

After cultivating and enhancing her interest by rigorous study under top mentors, Debra began her own business, adhering to an exact regime to ensure the highest quality, beginning with the plant itself. Trained in understanding how climate and environment can affect chemical composition, Stoltzfus maintains relationships with farms across the world, ensuring that her oils are not only of the purest quality but have the proper chemical composition, ensured through strict testing, which allow her to blend them in precise proportions, assuring confidence in what her clients – and she, herself, are regularly using. Some her favorites include Viral D for sinus congestion relief, Migraine Braker for migraine relief, and In Perfect Peace Oil Blend for peace and calming.

For Debra, essential oils are synergistic and holistic science where chemical components combine for maximum benefit. Her passion for oils is only matched by her passion for educating her clients on types of oils, various benefits, and safe and proper usage.

When not working with her oils or creating new blends, Debra enjoys spending time with her English Labradors – and as a bonus, created safe and natural pet products to ensure natural care for furry friends! She also enjoys exploring her creative side by playing the violin and drawing inspiration by hiking outside.


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Certifications & Professional Background

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I studied the science of essential oils and their therapeutic properties through the Aromahead Institute’s Aromatherapy Certification Program approved by the National Association For Holistic Aromatherapy(NAHA) and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA). I continued my studies in Aromahead’s Advanced Graduate Program, and to date I have completed over 400 hours of training there, which means I am Scholars’ Program Certified. And I kept on learning, training with world-renowned holistic medicine practitioners and chemists. Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine from the ITHMA (Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy), London.

  • International Advanced Diploma Course in Integrated Advanced Essential Oil Therapeutics for Common Clinical Conditions, held in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nationally Certified Clinical Aromatherapist (NCCA)
  • Scholars’ Program—Aromahead Institute
  • Advanced Graduate Program—Aromahead Institute
  • Advanced Chemistry of Essential Oils—Aromahead Institute
  • Certified: Alliance of International Aromatherapists/served on the board of directors
  • Certified: Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder style)
  • Certified: Anatomy, Physiology, and Histology
  • Certified: AFAA Professional Aerobics Instructor (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)
  • Certified: Traditional Thai massage
  • Licensed: Cosmetologist

Masters I’ve studied under

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  • Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D., a German-born chemist specializing in the chemistry of plant essences
  • Howard Freund, Ph.D., a biochemist and expert in aromatic chemistry
  • Raphael d’ Angelo, M.D., one of the first physicians in the U.S. to be board certified in the specialty of holistic medicine and who served as the medical aromatherapy educator for candidate physicians for the American Board of Medicine
  • Rhiannon Harris RGN, MIFPA, from Provence, France, a registered general nurse and member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists
  • Andrea Butje, LMT, clinical aromatherapist and recipient of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists Lifetime Achievement Award, and the rest of the Aromahead Institute team
  • Mark Web, BSc, MASCC, an expert in Australian essential oils and author of the book Bush Sense: Australian Essential Oils and Aromatic Compounds
  • As you can tell, my motto is “Never stop learning”! I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you through Inshanti Essential Oils.


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Meet the Team!

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Bridget, Production/ Marketing Manager

After being raised in southern Chester County and spending nearly 10 years in North Carolina, Bridget Renninger and her family settled in Lancaster in 2012, drawn to the rolling hills of the scenic landscape. After the birth of her second child, who often struggled with constant colds and breathing issues, Bridget became interested in creating a more natural living environment for her family. She began by changing over common products, such as cleaning supplies and laundry detergent, exchanging them for more natural, environmentally-friendly brands, and experimenting with more natural food options.

Six years later, she met Debra and began exploring the health benefits of essential oils. Now, essential oil blends Viral D, Clear & Cool, and Wipe Out are in regular rotation at home: Wipe Out and Viral D for cold prevention and congestion reduction during allergy season, and Clear & Cool for scrape, cuts, and allergic reactions.

For Bridget, essential oils are fascinating – the power of plant energies distilled into a natural, useable product which not only provides safe alternative first aid remedies for her family and herself, but also can invigorate and purify the atmosphere of home. When working with clients, Bridget finds deep satisfaction in knowing she is helping people be healthy, pain-free, and enjoy an improved quality of life.