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This month, “spring” into your best self…
… through Inshanti and the power of plants.

Happy April! The spring season is in full swing, and here at Inshanti, we’re all about living our best lives. From relieving allergies to optimizing mental and emotional well-being, we’re determined to “spring” ahead with ease and peace during this season of renewal.

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The harvest of nature, expertly crafted in Lancaster County

Discover the Power of Inshanti
Essential Oils

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For thousands of years, people have harnessed the power of plants to improve their lives. Inshanti offers these time-tested benefits with oils carefully formulated and blended by our expert essential oil chemist, Debra Stoltzfus. You’ll find natural alternatives to chemically produced pharmaceuticals, gaining relief from pain, chronic problems and seasonal allergies.

Enter the world of Inshanti and discover the power of our pure essential oils and master crafted blends.


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About Us

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Committed to Science , Ready to Educate: meet the team behind Inshanti Pure Essential Oils who are happy to help educate you on our oils and advise you on proper application for maximum benefit.