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Cistus, Rock Rose Hydrosol

Cistus ladaniferus


Stanch bleeding and cleanse wounds with Inshanti’s cistus hydrosol, also known as rock rose. It speeds surgical healing and works to heal scar tissue. Pamper your face with rock rose hydrosol to lessen fine lines and redness.

2 oz.
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You’ll appreciate all the benefits of cistus or rock rose. “Rock rose oil is made from the resin that forms on the leaves of a wild plant that has a tiny yield and is laborious to gather.”* Therefore the oil is very expensive. The hydrosol is much more reasonably priced. Rock rose is a strong astringent that constricts cells and tightens pores, making it an excellent addition to your skin care regimen as a mist, an additive to lotions, or a toner to target rosacea, redness, and even wrinkles. It’s often used as douche to deal with endometriosis and fibroids.


Plant Parts: Leaves
Botanical Family: Cistaceae
Chemical Family: Monoterpenes
Country of Origin: France
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Aroma: Sweet, Warm – Hebaceous & Musky
Note Classification: Middle/ Base




Spritz on skin


Therapeutic Properties:

  • Antihaemorrhagic– Agent that stops bleeding.
  • Anti-oxidant– An agent that inhibits oxidation.
  • Antiviral – An agent that can destroy or inhibit the growth and reproduction of viruses.
  • Astringent — Firms tissue and organs; reduces discharges and secretions.
  • Cicatrisant – Cell-regenerative for skin, healing for scars.
  • Immunostimulant – Stimulates functioning of the immune system.
  • Sedative – Calms and tranquilizes by lowering the functional activity of the organ or body part.
  • Styptic – An agent that is astringent especially preventing external bleeding.


No known safety concerns.



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