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Garden Party

Sailor Soaps


Our classic coconut castile soap has a big bubble, foamy, shaving cream-like lather even in rural mineral rich waters. Sea salt gently exfoliates and detoxifies without drying. Adorned with soothing calendula flowers. Naturally colored with herbs and activated charcoal powder. The sweet herbal and citrus scent of Garden Party honors its name.



Floral Accent - Green

Cultivated organically in France, Inshanti’s Sweet Marjoram is a sweet-and-spicy aroma perfect for relieving tension in the muscles through its warming properties and promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing by reducing stress and anxiety, blended with Lime, a fragrant citrus oil that both lifts you up when illness brings down your mood or energy level and works as a lymphatic stimulant to reduce fluid retention and cellulite.


Rub your soap between your hands or cloth to create a lather. Smooth the foam over your skin, massaging gently. Then just rinse off the foam with warm water.

Note – In order to retain the benefits of any of the decorative petals and buds, a stocking or a sachet helps keep them from going down the drain!


Saponified coconut oil, Sea salt, Origanum marjorana (Sweet Marjoram) Oil, Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) Oil, Parsley, Calendula flowers and Activated charcoal powder.