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Inhaler – Mint Green


Just add your favorite essential oils for a personal aromatherapy inhaler! The applications are endless with this pocket sized nasal inhaler – the perfect personal aromatherapy diffuser.

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These are great pocket sized inhalers power-packed in a package no larger than tube of lipstick. Simply hold the inhalers up to your nose and breathe in. These  inhalers utilize the power of essential oils to aid you in alleviating and combating  acute cold and flu symptoms.

2.5″ Long x .5″ Wide (2.25″ Diameter)
made from food-grade plastic

Includes 4 parts:

• Cover (Outer Shell)
• Inner tube (Inner Shell)
• Cotton Wick
• Cap

This aromatherapy inhaler blank in combination with essential oils can be used for insomnia, relaxation and stress reduction and many other applications. It’s also perfect in the springtime for allergies including hay fever and runny nose. This inhaler tube can be used with any essential oil blend that works well in inhalation remedies. Perfect for travel on planes, cars, busses, at the office and at night without affecting your partner.


Hold the inhaler up to one nostril, plugging the other with your finger. Take 1 deep breath in and remove the inhaler before breathing out. Repeat with the other nostril. Use as often as needed.

The shelf life is up to 1 year, but if left out in heat, uncapped, or in direct light, the shelf life is much shorter.

Aromatherapy Inhaler Tube Use Instructions:
There are 2 ways to set up your inhaler.

1st Method

  1. Pre-mix your essential oils in a small, glass bowl. Use a total of 10-15 drops of essential oils.
  2. You can then put the cotton wick into your glass bowl and allow it to soak up the oils.
  3. Place the wick into inner tube and securely snap on bottom cap.
  4. Screw the cover on.

2nd Method

  1. Place cotton wick into the inner tube.
  2. Drop the 10-15 drops of oil directly onto the cotton wick after you place it inside the inner tube.  Make sure that you don’t use more than 15 drops of oil.  The cotton wick doesn’t absorb much more than 15 drops and it will drip out of inhaler, hence wasting precious oils.
  3. Snap on cap and swirl it around to pick up any extra oil that may have stuck to the sides of the inner tube.
  4. Screw the cover on.


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