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Orange Creamsicle

Sailor Soaps


A pure shea butter soap. This bar works overtime to moisturize without clogging pores. Minimal lather with a dreamy orange and vanilla scent. Orange Creamsicle moonlights as a shampoo bar that is best suited for fine and non-color-treated hair.



Floral Accent - Green

A synergistic combination of three different oils with warming and uplifting
properties! Inshanti’s warming oil Cinnamon Bark is an antimicrobial oil

Synergistically blending Inshanti Pure Essential Oil Orange, a fresh citrus aroma of sweet orange known for anti-depressant properties and the ability to encourage optimism and perseverance, and Vanilla Oleoresin, a sweet scent often used to reduce anxiety and support digestive health. 


Rub your soap between your hands or cloth to create a lather. Smooth the foam over your skin, massaging gently. Then just rinse off the foam with warm water.

Note – In order to retain the benefits of any of the decorative petals and buds, a stocking or a sachet helps keep them from going down the drain!


Saponified shea butter, Himalayan pink salt, Citrus sinensis (Orange) Oil, Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla) Oleoresin.