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Rose Hydrosol

Rosa x damascena


Indulge in the delectable, intense rose scent of Inshanti’s beautiful rose hydrosol. Rose has traditionally been used to counter PMS and menopausal symptoms, providing physical and emotional balance. Your skin will relish the soothing moisture it provides.


2 oz.
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You never forget the scent of roses! But rose waters on the market are often artificial; once you have smelled and tasted our water, you’ll forever know the difference! Refresh your skin with a spritz, or add rose to your lotions, and allow it to help your skin retain moisture and feel supple. For generations rose has been recommended for women to find balance as they deal with hormonal changes and menstrual issues. And rose hydrosol in a compress cools and soothes irritated or overworked eyes.

Just for fun, splash rose water about at a friend’s wedding—it’s considered a symbol of love and purity and tradition says it ensures a happy marriage!


Plant Parts: Flowers/Petals
Botanical Family: Rosaceae
Chemical Family: Monoterpenols
Country of Origin: Morocco
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Aroma: Exotic and Sensual, Floral, Sweet, Fresh, Rosy
Note Classification: Middle


Eyes, irritated or overtired: Soak cotton balls in rose hydrosol and apply to closed eyelids for 15 minutes.

Menopause: Add 10 ml each of rose, sage, and peppermint hydrosols to a liter of water and drink throughout the day for 21 days; then stop for seven days. Repeat the regimen as necessary.

PMS: Add 10 ml each of rose, sage, and geranium to a liter of water and drink throughout the day. If PMS is a regular problem, start drinking the blend 3–5 days before your period is due and continue until it is over.

Skin care, moisturizing, balancing: Spritz it on your skin or add it to your lotions to help retain moisture.


Therapeutic Properties:

  • Antidepressant – An agent that is uplifting and counteracts melancholy.
  • Antifungal — An agent capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of fungi.
  • Anti-infectious – Helps the body strengthen its own resistance to infective organisms and rid the body of illness.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Alleviates inflammation.
  • Antiphlogistic – An agent that reduces inflammation.
  • Antiseptic – Assists in fighting germs/infections.
  • Antispasmodic —Relieves spasms of voluntary and involuntary muscles.
  • Antiviral – An agent that can destroy or inhibit the growth and reproduction of viruses.
  • Aphrodisiac – An agent that provokes sexual interest and excitement.
  • Astringent — Firms tissue and organs; reduces discharges and secretions.
  • Bactericide – An agent that destroys bacteria.
  • Choleretic – An agent that aids the excretion of bile by the liver, so that there is a greater flow of bile.
  • Cicatrisant – Cell-regenerative for skin, healing for scars.
  • Depurative – An agent that helps to purify the body, particularly the blood.
  • Emmenagogue – Helps promote and regulate menstruation.
  • Haemostatic – Stops the flow of blood. An astringent that stops internal bleeding or hemorrhaging.
  • Hepatic – An agent that stimulates and aids function of the liver.
  • Laxative – Promotes bowel movements.
  • Sedative – Calms and tranquilizes by lowering the functional activity of the organ or body part.
  • Stomachic – An agent that is a digestive aid and tones the stomach.
  • Tonic — An agent that strengthens and improves bodily performance.


No known safety concerns.


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