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Scotch Pine

Pinus sylvestris


Bring the wholesome scent of pine to your sickroom to encourage the body to heal. Scotch pine essential oil works as a decongestant and an expectorant, making it a wise choice for respiratory tract infections. Muscle aches respond well to scotch pine too.


5 ml.
15 ml.
30 ml. (1 oz)
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32 oz.


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You ache all over. Scotch pine essential oil is packed with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that combine with its warming presence to bring you some relief. Let it stimulate your immune system, warming you as you fight infection, coughs, and viruses. If anger often threatens to overwhelm you, scotch pine can be a calming agent for your emotions and your mind.


Plant Parts: Needles, Twigs, Branches
Botanical Family: Pinaceae
Chemical Family: Monoterpenes
Country of Origin: Canada
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Aroma: Balsamic, Earthy, Fresh, Piney, Woody
Note Classification: Top




Arthritis: Reduce joint pain. Scotch pine’s anti-inflammatory properties also help to reduce swelling and inflammation. Blend together 7 drops of scotch pine and 3 drops of Helichrysum and 2 drops peppermint into 1 oz. of carrier oil. Massage onto affected area.

Chest Cold/Bronchitis: If you’re suffering from a cough, cold, flu, allergies, congestion, or bronchitis, scotch pine essential oil may help. See Scots Chest Rub in recipe tab.

Cleaning: Try adding a few drops of scotch pine to your homemade cleaning products.

Headache: Mix 10 drops of scotch pine and 4 drops of peppermint into 1 oz. of jojoba oil or any other carrier oil. Gently massage onto temples.

Diffuser: Create a healthy germ-free space! Diffusing scotch pine throughout the home can cleanse the air and reduce bacteria and viruses that make you sick.

Muscle Pain: To reduce muscle pain, simply add 10-13 drops of scotch pine into 1 oz. of jojoba oil or any other carrier oil. Massage onto affected area.

Sinus Congestion: If you’re having trouble breathing, add a few drops of scotch pine essential oil to a bowl of steaming water. Cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam for 5-15 minutes.


Emotional and Energetic Properties:

  • Helps deal with anger
  • Supports a calm inner being

Therapeutic Properties:

  • Analgesic – An agent that relieves or diminishes pain.
  • Antibacterial – An agent that is capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of bacteria.
  • Antifungal — An agent capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of fungi.
  • Anti-infectious – Helps the body strengthen its own resistance to infective organisms and rid the body of illness.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Alleviates inflammation.
  • Antirheumatic – An agent that helps to relieve rheumatism.
  • Antispasmodic —Relieves spasms of voluntary and involuntary muscles.
  • Decongestant – Reduces nasal mucus production and swelling.
  • Expectorant– Promotes discharge of phlegm and mucus from the lungs and throat.
  • Immunostimulant – Stimulates functioning of the immune system.
  • Rubefacient – Oil increases local blood circulation and can cause minor skin irritation, vasodilatation and local analgesic effect.


Scots Chest Rub

5 drops scotch pine

3 drops peppermint

3 drops eucalyptus radiata

 4 drops balsam copaiba

 1 oz. jojoba

Directions: Blend all ingredients into a 1 oz. container. Massage gently onto chest, neck and upper back area. After massaging Scots Chest Rub onto chest area, I suggest placing warm moist towels on top of chest.


If sensitive, may cause skin irritation. In this case, use in low dilution (5-6 drops per ounce of carrier) when applying to the skin, such as in bath or massage oils.

If pregnant, nursing or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician or clinical certified aromatherapist. For external use only. Keep away from mucous membranes & eyes. Test a small amount on skin for allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid using on infants and small children under the age of five.

Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil.


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