You can’t beat the sweet scent of vanilla! Vanilla is often used to reduce anxiety or support your digestive system. You’ll find a little goes a long way, bringing you relaxation and joy over the long haul. You can also cook with Inshanti’s vanilla oleoresin!

Inshanti carries a highly concentrated, certified organic vanilla oleoresin. There is no true vanilla essential oil because vanilla cannot be steam distilled or cold pressed, which is how essential oils are created. What you may find in shops or online labeled “vanilla essential oil” is most likely manufactured using synthetic fragrance created in a lab, not from actual vanilla beans—don’t be deceived!

Vanilla oleoresin is created by extracting the vanilla bean oils using a natural solvent and then removing the solvent with a vacuum process. And Inshanti’s certified organic vanilla oleoresin has a 30-fold concentration, unlike the more common 10-fold vanilla. With that stronger concentration and the word resin as part of its name, you can expect it to be thicker than essential oils, more like slow-flowing honey with a deep brown color. When you place it in jojoba oil or add it to your blends, it will sink to the bottom. Simply leave it there for a few weeks to infuse the vanilla throughout the oil. When you pour out the oil, you’ll discover it contains that rich vanilla aroma. The oleoresin can then be added to other oils to scent them as well.

You will notice that Inshanti also carries the more expensive vanilla CO2 extract. The CO2 extract will immediately dissolve in essential oils or carrier oils, so the added expense may be worth it if you need your vanilla to immediately blend rather than waiting for the vanilla oleoresin aroma to infuse into your oils.

Vanilla harvests have been poor over the last few years, with crop damage due to typhoons, even as demand has skyrocketed. Therefore, there is a worldwide shortage, and prices have escalated. We cannot guarantee having vanilla products on hand.


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