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Awaken Your Senses

Awaken Your Senses

This February, there’s just one question on our minds: will you BE MINE? Here at Inshanti, we’re all about celebrating the season of love – loving others and of course, loving yourself! To support your self-care, we’re featuring some of our favorite products to ease the sting of winter skin and elevate your mind and spirit from those winter blues. And for our Valentines, we’re offering a special sale – 20 percent off our Rose Otto oil and perfumes on February 14th! Coupon Code: BEMINE20.

Roses: The Flower of Love

From silky-soft petals to a heavenly aroma, roses are known as a symbol of love. But we here at Inshanti know that roses are more than just pretty flowers. A versatile oil known for its ability to calm turbulent emotions and restore peace, our Rose Otto is considered “liquid gold” in its native Bulgaria. Also referred to as the  “woman’s oil” thanks to its potent fragrance and hormone-balancing properties, our Rose Otto can be diffused, blended with a carrier oil, or simply dabbed onto the body to enjoy its soothing aroma and its moisturizing and antioxidant effects.

Sugar and Spice

Looking for something to spice up date night this February? Our  Cha Cha Cha™ perfume roll-on tantalizes the nose with notes of rich, sweet, aromatic vanilla and the sweetly herbaceous notes of sage and clary sage while awakening the senses with the spicy, woody scent of black pepper. Simultaneously invigorating and soothing, this perfume is sure to warm up chilly February evenings. As a bonus – Cha Cha Cha™  is this February’s Ship’n’Sniff feature! Try some with any purchase.

Pamper and Protect

Is anyone else tired of winter temperatures and dry heat messing with their skin and lips? Us, too! A great start for nourishing winter skin is with our Sailor Soaps, named for their historical recipe, which combines coconut oil and sea salt. Soothing and healing, these coconut-based soaps are especially curative for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. This month, we’re loving our Happy Hippy soap for its use of Patchouli, which helps heal skin plagued by eczema, psoriasis, fungus, or sores while its aromatic qualities promote calm and ease tension and anxiety. As a bonus, Happy Hippy is made with Espresso grounds, which add a deep exfoliation for silky skin.

After the bath, moisturizing the skin is a must during cold, dry winter months. Our Lavender Whipped Shea cream is a nourishing and aromatic blend of shea butter, seed oil, Vitamin E, and Inshanti orange and lavender essential oils. A staple of African pharmacology for centuries, our shea butter comes from seeds of wild shea trees scattered throughout the fields and forests of the wooded savanna in Central and Northern Togo. Beyond nurturing your skin, our whipped shea cream is also helpful in cultivating new skin after burns, stings, or sores, making this a great all-year option for skin care. Apply as needed.

Do you enjoy playing outside in the winter snow but hate the chapping and cracking? For maximum winter protection, try our Winter Gloves™ Balm, a soothing blend of shea and seed butters combined with our luxurious Lavender essential oil. Apply before braving the wintery outdoors for maximum protection, or massage on hands, elbows, knees and feet to relieve chapping and cracking.

Chapped lips got you down? Inshanti’s Hyppy Lips™ Healing Balm combines the moisturizing power of Shea Butter and Beeswax with four essential oils known for their anti-viral, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, this will be your new go-to balm for targeting cold sores and healing sunburnt or lips chapped from cold temperatures or illness. Using a clean finger or small application tool, apply to the affected area as often as needed.

Uplift Your Spirits

Winter cold and darkness can wreak havoc on your spirit and creativity. Our Lighthearted Kit can help. Perfect for yourself or a loved one, this kit includes one of our crystal-filled necklaces with our Lighthearted essential oil blend, which includes warm, sweet notes of frankincense and orange for reducing anxiety and depression while easing frustration and fears. Enjoy this as an on-the-go superpower for calming that inner critic.

This month, brighten up chilly days and give yourself and others the gift of self-care – with Inshanti.