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Inshanti’s New Website Launch!

Inshanti’s New Website Launch!

In the fall of 2019, we here at Inshanti decided it was a time for a digital re-fresh – so this spring (a time of new beginnings), we launched our revitalized website, enhanced to improve your browsing experience!

What changed?

We want your browsing experience to be as peaceful and productive as possible. We’ve updated our look, streamlining your experience so that everything is available to you with a click or tap of a finger. No more waiting for loading or scrolling through information – everything should be easily available, either from a computer or from your mobile device.

What hasn’t changed?

Our look may have changed, but what remains the same is our commitment to our clients: first, to offer pure, unadulterated alternatives to chemically produced pharmaceuticals so that our clients can enjoy the time-tested benefits of essential oils, blends, and products crafted from them. Scientifically harvested and carefully blended by our blend master Debra Stoltzfus, our essential oils and essential blends are among the best for therapeutic purposes, including physical and mental health, hygiene and beauty.
Second, we remain dedicated to educating our clients on how to properly use and enjoy our products for maximum benefit. Whether you’re looking to relieve tension on your body, uplift your spirits with aromatherapy, or purify your living space for yourself and loved ones, we can connect you with the proper product and educate you on effective use.

Welcome to our new space! We are so excited for you to join us!