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Hello Autumn, Goodbye Germs!

Hello Autumn, Goodbye Germs!

For us in Lancaster county, autumn’s arrival means cooler temperatures, falling leaves, pumpkin spice– and of course, that cold and flu season is coming…. which is all the more concerning this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here at Inshanti Pure Essential Oils, by harnessing the time-tested power of plants, we have a wide variety of options to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home against viruses and bacteria while also boosting your immune system.

Personal Protection



Nothing like starting your day by enhancing your physical, mental and emotional health by inhaling pure essential oils. Our Jumpstart Soap not only moisturizes your skin, it “jumpstarts” your immune system by releasing healing molecules into the air while you lather. A synergistic blend of three of Inshanti’s Pure Essential Oils, including Laurel Leaf, which promotes immune system activation, Morocco-grown Cedarwood, a sweet-and-spicy scent and strong antibacterial that works to relieve itchy scalps and control oily skin, and Eucalyptus radiata, known for powerful antiseptic, expectorant, and antibacterial properties, Jumpstart can start your day right.






After bathing, or whenever you feel dryness throughout the day, slather on our Happy Hands Creme™, a blended bouquet of essential oils with a hydrating aloe base specially crafted to kill bad bacteria while promoting the good bacteria which support your immune system.




                                  On the Go!

                                                 Lovable mists to carry in any purse or gym bag!



Try our newest product, Essential Mists. Available in four distinctive blends, these mists utilize the powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of Inshanti pure essential oils for a robust combination of aromatic uplift and immune-system boost. Our mists all include either Ravintsara or Ho Wood, or both, which were historically used as protection during the 1918 Spanish flu. In fact, according to, Cinnamomum camphora, or camphor, was a popular precautionary choice at the time for both medical professionals and the public. Our mists are a safe and quick way to sanitize and refresh your mask during a long day and are gentle enough to be used as a hand sanitizer.At home, they can revitalize and disinfect your linens and yoga mats with 1-2 short spritzes.


Love my Essential Mist – I’m delighted to have found a sanitizing product that’s also the perfect aromatic pick-me-up. Conveniently-sized for on-the-go, I should have gotten two – my husband is eying it!
– Susan B, York, PA



Purify Your World

Utilizing Inshanti pure essential oils or oil blends, whether in a diffuser, in cleaning products, or mixed with a carrier oil is a great way to be proactive in boosting your immune system. With antiseptic and antiviral properties, Laurel Leaf or Bay Laurel essential oil can be diffused, added to a bath, inhaled or applied with a carrier oil for a warming immune booster.

Or, try one of our essential oil blends, carefully and thoughtfully crafted for maximum effectiveness. For immune support, Thyme, Benchmark is an anti-bacterial germ fighter powerful enough to kill even antibiotic-resistant germs but gentle enough that it can be used on the skin – even on children. Diffuse in your home or incorporate it in green cleaning products or add it to a bath or in a soap or lotion product to prevent infection and kill bacteria. Or, diffuse our Wipe Out Blend, a five-oil blend with ingredients known to kill 92% of gram negative and positive bacterial strains, making this antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-infectious option a proactive choice for cold and flu season.


If you happen to get sick, ease the length and intensity of your illness by utilizing one of Inshanti’s powerful oil blends. Our specially formulated Breathe-eez™ essential oil blend is antiviral, antibacterial, decongestant, mucolytic (capable of reducing the viscosity of mucus), and with expectorant properties, making it the perfect choice to aid in your road to recovery. Or, try Inshanti’s unique essential oil powerhouse—Viral D™. With a simple inhale, break up stubborn mucus caused by chronic sinus and severe lung and bronchial conditions. Finally, Inshanti’s Rev It Up!™ is immune-boosting, circulatory-stimulating, and detoxifying while safe enough for regular topical application to the bottoms of your feet, underarms, under the chin, and chest area.

This autumn, be proactive in fighting viruses, colds, and flu with Inshanti pure essential oils, oil blends, and products so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the beauty of the season while staying healthy.