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Hemp Free Drops Oil Elixir

Hemp Free Drops Oil Elixir

With CBD hemp-based products a recent hot topic of conversation, have you been considering exploring
the physical and mental benefits of adding an extract to your daily regime, but are reluctant to because
of concern over the .03 percent THC content?
Inshanti Pure Essential Oils has the solution: our Hemp Free Drops Oil Elixir (Vanilla Mint Flavored) are
the perfect option for those looking to experience the same great benefits of hemp CBD extract, but
without the THC.



In medical studies, high-CBD, low-THC, organically grown hemp CBD extract has demonstrated both
physical and mental benefits. Devotees have reported success in managing chronic pain, reducing
inflammation, and improving sleep. Likewise, many have experienced a reduction in anxiety and
depression and an upswing in a general sense of well-being.

Many question if hemp CBD extract maintains those benefits – and the answer is yes! In fact, hemp-free
CBD extracts can produce similar advantages, including improved sleep and a healthier mental state,
along with additional benefits such as a healthier digestive system, improved health skin, and increased
joint health.

At Inshanti Pure Essential Oils, all of our hemp products – both with .03 percent THC and our THC-free
options – are produced from hemp organically grown as part of a government-approved industrial hemp
research project in Kentucky, which is pesticide-free and mold-free. Unlike many adulterated products
on the market, our extract utilizes the entire hemp plant and needs no chemical refinement, making our
product one of the purest on the market. Each batch is tested and a COA available.

Hemp Free Drops Oil Elixir (Vanilla Mint Flavored) combines natural components of the Cannibis sativa
(Hemp) plant with the warm flavors of Mentha x Piperita (Peppermint) CO2 Leaf Extract and Vanilla
planifolia (Vanilla) CO2 Extract, providing an aromatic experience along with physical, mental, and
emotional benefits.

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