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Kicking Off the Fall Season

Kicking Off the Fall Season

Welcome autumn! Yayyyy!!! The temperatures may still be warm, but fall is in the air, so it’s time for pumpkin picking, apple cider and football! Of course, there’s nothing worse than missing out on the pumpkin patch or the big game because of allergies, migraines, or fall colds, so don’t worry – Inshanti has you covered!

To kick off the fall season right, we’re excited for our special Labor Day sale: 15 percent discount store wide (excluding carriers, gift certificates and diffusers). Stock up on your favorites or try something new on Labor Day only, September 5th, with code: LABORDAY15.

Prevention is Protection!

Crafted from a blend of seven different Inshanti essential oils and certified organic jojoba seed oil, Inshanti’s Protective Shield simultaneously calms your nervous system during high-stress times and bolsters your immune system to prevent pesky viruses and bacteria. Apply to the bottoms of your feet, underarms, under the chin, and chest area to give yourself or your kiddos a boost before work, school, or travel. One note to be mindful of: Protective Shield contains Bergamot, which is phototoxic, so avoid direct sunlight after application.


Or, try our Rev It Up!, a daily dose of six powerful essential oils to protect your immune system. Safe to use regularly, Rev It Up!™  is vital if you have a compromised immune system or are traveling. Similar to Protective Shield, you can apply Rev It Up!™ to the bottoms of your feet, underarms, under the chin, and chest area.

Put on the Brakes

Migraines are so frustrating – from the vise-like head pain to the photosensitivity to the upset stomach – and they always come at the worst times, don’t they? With Inshanti’s Migraine Braker™, stop migraines through the power of three different Inshanti essential oils: peppermint for cooling and its anti-nausea effect, frankincense for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving abilities, and sweet basil for its calming and tension-easing powers. To use, smooth on a carrier oil, such as olive oil, to skin first before applying Migraine Braker™. Roll on temple area, in front and back or ears, back of neck at nape area. This blend can also be used on other areas of the body to reduce pain, such as upper back, shoulders, and knees.


Promote Focus

Tired of running to the coffee pot to head off that 3:00 sleepy feeling? A powerful blend of grapefruit, peppermint, and rosemary Inshanti essential oils, Inshanti’s Focus Inhaler promotes motivation and mental clarity – like a cup of coffee without the caffeine! Packaged conveniently in a travel-easy container, position our Focus Inhaler at your nose and inhale freely whenever you need a pick-me-up.


Balance Hormones

Life keeps moving – even during that time of the month! With Inshanti’s Wit’Chay Woman™, you can keep pace with your life, thanks to this balancing blend of four essential oils. A combination of geranium, clary sage, pure rose, and bergamot, Wit’Chay Woman™ can be massaged on your belly or added to your bath to provide physical and emotional relief from the symptoms of PMS.


Ease Tooth Pain

Dealing with tooth pain, mouth ulcers, or digestive issues? Don’t let mouth issues deter you from enjoying some apple cider. Inshanti’s Clove Bud essential oil promotes numbness and healing through its analgesic properties, offering relief while waiting for the dentist! Add one drop to a cotton swab and apply to the affected tooth, or blend clove oil with a carrier oil and apply to mouth sores. As a bonus – diffusing clove oil promotes a stabilizing atmosphere while combatting mold and bacteria in the home! If you’re interested in trying this vital oil, a sample of clove bud will be shipped out as our Ship’n’Sniff feature of the month!

This autumn, celebrate those magical fall moments in the pumpkin patch or at the big game – and know that you and loved ones are safe and protected.