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Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

At Inshanti, all you need is love…and essential oils!

Roses and kisses and hearts, oh my! Celebrate the month of love with Inshanti by pampering yourself and loved ones with our luxurious and indulgent essential oils, oil blends, and moisturizing personal products. To show our love for you, we’re offering TWO special sales this month – our Sweetheart Sale, February 12th-14th, which is a great chance to stock up on favorites for 15 percent off, and our very special Rose sale, which offers 20 percent off Rose essential oil all month long! 



Why is the Rose sale so special? One of the most precious and expensive oils in the world, our Pure Essential Oil Rose Otto (Rosa damascene), is called “liquid gold” in its native
Bulgaria because it contains more than 300 valuable substances with a marvelous effect over the
human body. A versatile oil, Rose Otto can be diffused, blended with a carrier oil, or simply dabbed onto the body to enjoy its soothing aroma and its moisturizing and antioxidant effects. A true “woman’s oil,” Rose Otto is excellent for supporting regular uterus function, soothing cramps and spasms, regulating menstrual flow, and calming emotional distress.




Our Rose Otto oil is also one of the main ingredients in our Lady Slippers soap. Rich in both history and benefits, Inshanti soaps are an original recipe based off of “Sailor soaps,” which
combined coconut oil and sea salt into a rich blend, earning the name “Sailor Soaps” from the ability to lather in any kind of water – supposedly even the ocean. Excellent for all skin types,
Inshanti’s healing, coconut-based soaps, with a complimenting sea salt additive, are especially curative for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. A heady floral soap, Lady Slippers marries Rose Otto and Lavender essential oils for a cleansing experience which is calming both
physically and emotionally.




If it’s an aromatic experience you’re looking for, Inshanti’s Jasmine Wood™ perfume is a specially blended combination of the exotic jasmine sambac and sweet sandalwood essential
oils. With a sweet, musky scent, this compact roll-on packs a powerful punch for enhancing your
sensual side.




Femininity with Light Pink Crystals


Or, enjoy our Femininity Kit, contains a crystal-filled glass pendent on a 23-inch rope
chain necklace, paired with Geranium essential oil. Perfect for regulating hormones andbalancing emotions, Geranium essential oil is a sweet, floral scent perfect for alleviating tension,allowing you to fully embrace and enjoy all the blessings of a busy life. This February, give yourself and loved ones the gift of the time-tested benefits of
essential oils and essential oil products with Inshanti.