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Bodacious Boobi™



Support your lymphatic system and keep your breasts healthier with this fresh-flower blend. Each blossom added to the blend has a long tradition of use in breast health to relieve swelling, tenderness, inhibit growths and cysts.

2 oz.
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Floral Accent - Green

You do everything you can to ensure your breasts stay healthy, including having medical exams and mammograms. Inshanti’s Bodacious Boobi Balm™ can help you practice regular breast self-checks as you smooth the fragrant balm on your breasts and under your arms, feeling for any lumps that may be present.




Massage into breast and underarm (lymphnodes) area daily.


Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower, Viola odorata (Violet) Flower, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) Flower, Trifolium pretense (Red Clover) Flower, Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) Flower, Olea europaea (Olive) Oil, Santalum austro caledonicum (Sandalwood) Oil, Citrus reticulate (Tangerine) Oil, Apis mellifera (Beeswax) Pellets, Organic and Non-GMO Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Oil.

Learn more about the seven oils our master blender, Debra Stoltzfus, has included to ensure our unique bodacious boobi balm works powerfully to keep your breasts healthy:

  • Violet blossom, infused in olive oil, has a special affinity for breasts and has been used historically to treat breast lumps, cysts, and cancerous growths. Violet is known to shrink or check growths and cysts. It is gentle and cooling, and you’ll find it softens and soothes skin. Inshanti’s violet oil is made with fresh organic violets.
  • Yarrow flowers and leaves, infused in olive oil, make a sparkling green oil that promotes fluid flow in the breasts and inhibits bacterial growth. Women have noted that consistent use of yarrow oil seems to prevent the growth of the new blood vessels that cancerous tumors need for growth. Yarrow is also a wonderful ally for relieving swollen, tender breasts and nipples.
  • Calendula blossom, infused in olive oil, is a renowned old wives’ remedy against breast cancer, yet it’s gentle enough for regular use. Older books call it pot marigold, causing some people to confuse it with the unrelated modern garden marigold. In addition to keeping breast tissues healthy, calendula excels at preventing—and, with patience—removing-adhesions and scar tissue, even keloid scars.
  • Red Clover blossoms, infused in olive oil,is a remarkable skin softener. It melts away lumps, counters cancer, and helps the lymph system reabsorb unneeded cells. It’s gentle enough for regular use in breast self-massage.
  • Dandelion blossom infused oil also has a special affinity for breasts. Regular use of dandelion flower oil promotes deep relaxation of the breast tissues, facilitating the release of held emotions. Applied regularly to the entire breast area, flowing golden dandelion flower oil can strengthen your sense of self worth as well as your immune system. This oil is a superb ally for regular breast self-massage and highly praised by those doing therapeutic breast massage.
  • Sandalwood essential oil is beneficial for supporting the circulatory and lymphatic systems, for example, working to alleviate varicose veins and swollen lymph glands. Sandalwood oil has a relaxing effect on the nerves. It is antispasmodic, antitumoral, and anti-infectious and supports the immune system.
  • Tangerine essential oil is a great antiseptic and antispasmodic. It also supports the immune system.

All of these infused and essential oils help decongest and support the lymphatic system.


For external use only. Keep away from mucous membranes & eyes. Test a small amount on skin for allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid using on infants and small children under the age of five.

“I encourage everyone to have regular breast exams performed by a medical professional”.


Our master blender Debra Stoltzfus creates this blend with fresh (not dried) violet blossoms, yarrow flowers and leaves, calendula, red clover, and dandelion blossoms, which she infuses for 6 to 8 weeks in organic extra-virgin olive oil, and then blends with sandalwood and tangerine oils, organic vitamin E and organic beeswax.


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