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Fresh Linen

Undiluted Blend


Infuse your laundry with the calming scent of our Fresh Linen Oil Blend. Created using five pure essential oils known for their strengths as sedatives, Fresh linen will help relax you and soothe overactive emotions, so you handle your day with serenity and rest well at night, waking refreshed.


5 ml.
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Floral Accent - Green

You can turn your bedroom into a sanctuary by washing or drying your bed linens with a few drops of in shanti’s own Fresh Linen Oil Blend, created by our master blender, Debra Stoltzfus. This soothing oil blend of sweet orange, lavender, ylang ylang and two different cedarwood oils also has antibacterial, antiseptic, and bug-repellent qualities, which create an aromatic dimension to your sleepwear and clothes. You can also place a few drops on cotton balls and tuck into dresser drawers to repel moths and instill the calming aroma into your clothing.



Dryer Balls: Add 3–4 drops of essential oil to each dryer ball and throw the balls into your dryer load. 

Wash Machine: Add 4–6 drops to your washer during the wash cycle.

Moth Repellent: Add a few drops to cotton balls or a piece of material and place in dresser drawers to repel moths.


Cedrus alantica (Cedarwood) Oil, Juniperus virginiana (Cedarwood) Oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Cananga odorata (Ylang-Ylang complete) Oil and  Citrus sinensis (Orange) Oil.

The fragrant cedarwood atlas will remind you of your grandmother’s cedar closet or that log cabin in the woods. The fresh scented oil keeps bugs away as it relaxes your mind and body.

Virginia cedarwood, or red cedar, has a pungent, woodsy aroma that relieves stress and instills confidence. It is also a natural decongestant and helps to fight infection, urinary tract infections, and eczema. By increasing localized blood circulation it helps to lessen joint pain.

Lavender has a calming aroma that soothes overactive emotions and slows your breathing so you can relax and sleep well. It’s known to cultivate new skin after burns, stings, or sores, reducing scarring.

Ylang ylang encourages recovery from shock or trauma, slowing a rapid heartbeat. Its sweet floral scent relaxes you, reducing anxiety and helping you find the joy in the everyday beauty of your life.

The refreshing and cheerful nature of sweet orange essential oil gives warmth and joy to all who are around it, both adults and children. It’s a powerful oil for reducing self-doubt and fears of the unknown, so you are open to taking on new challenges.Orange also normalizes the intestines, so it can be good for diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive issues.


These blended single note oils are highly concentrated—you will get many applications from just one bottle!

Our master blender Deb Stoltzfus crafts all of our blends using only pure essential oils (with no base carrier oil). Each product contains various single notes mixed together, with each oil working in synergy with the others to create a powerful blend.

Inshanti oil blends can be diffused in the air to help with emotional issues, such as depression, stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, lethargy, and lack of motivation, and for medicinal issues such as congestion, colds, and the elimination of airborne viruses and germs. These oils are “neat,” meaning not blended with any carrier oil, so they are potent undiluted oils.

Inshanti’s range of antiviral essential oils and blends are a smart and safe way to care for your family’s health, including babies and children. They contain powerful anti-infectious properties, relieve pain, strengthen your immune system, and can reduce anxiety and stress. These oils contain many life-enhancing benefits.

Time and again, Deb Stoltzfus has experienced and heard testimony of the amazing benefits of these protecting and healing essential oils. They can be used for colds, flu, respiratory infections, etc. There are antiviral essential oils and blends that target herpes, Epstein Barr, bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections, and more.

It is almost impossible to avoid being exposed to infectious disease. Work, school, or just going to the grocery store exposes you and your family to infectious microbes. Unfortunately, it is too easy to bring these pathogens home. That is why it is important to keep your family’s immune system as strong as possible. The good news is that the antiviral essential oils kill viruses and strengthen all of your body’s defenses, including your immune and respiratory system.

Please note— these oils are not just for diffusing units. Each can be used for many other things. When diluted with a carrier (such as jojoba or any vegetable oil), the oils can be:

  • Added to your washer or dishwasher
  • Massaged into the bottom of your feet (the bottom of the feet is a highly effective, and also the safest, place to apply oils); you can also massage diluted oil into other areas of your body
  • Sprinkled onto your bed sheets
  • Used for cleaning, and so much more


  • For aromatic or topical use (when diluted).
  • Diffuse for short periods of time in the work or home environment. We recommend diffusing 15 minutes during every 2-hour period.
  • Possible skin sensitivity.
  • If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.
  • Always dilute before applying to the skin.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


All Inshanti products are handcrafted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. All Inshanti’s essential oils are carefully selected and GC/MS tested for purity! All Inshanti’s ingredients are Wild Crafted, Ethically Farmed, or Certified Organic!

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


If pregnant, nursing or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician or clinical certified aromatherapist. For external use only. Keep away from mucous membranes and eyes. Test a small amount on skin for allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children. Be cautious when using on infants and small children under the age of five.



Floral Accent - Purple

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