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Inshanti Essential Oil Diffuser/Nebulizer System


Inshanti’s state-of-the-art unit uses cold diffusion technology to preserve the natural essence therapeutic benefits of essential oils as it distributes a micro-fine mist without using heat or water.



Features of Inshanti’s Nebulizing Diffuser

  • Reaches 1,800 square feet; one floor of an average-sized home.
  • Includes an on/off timer.
  • Produces micro-fine oil droplets less than 3 microns – the size required to penetrate deep into the olfactory system).
  • Offers output volume control. Smaller particles stay suspended in the air for longer periods of time so you get more health benefits from less essential oil.
  • Uses an innovative quick change system that allows the oil to be changed in seconds.
  • Is manufactured in the United States.
  • Offers a lifetime warranty.

Nebulizer Instructions

Diffuse only pure essential oils that are undiluted; do not add carrier oils or water to the nebulizer. Diffuse for short periods of time; about 15 minutes every hour for up to 8 hours (a total of two hour throughout the day).


What is Nebulization?

Nebulization is the best diffusion method because it does not alter the chemical composition of the oils with heat, but instead breaks down the oil molecules into a particle size small enough for the lungs and body to absorb them rapidly. Thus, it produces aroma and therapeutic healing.

Aromatic oils can add warmth and energy to a room, creating a welcome or festive ambiance at a party; help adults and children to sleep more soundly; or encourage calm and focused attention at work. Essential oils are also diffused into the air to boost the immune system, fight off colds and respiratory infections and kill toxic mold in buildings.

How the Nebulizing System Works

Inshanti’s state-of-the-art unit uses cold diffusion technology to preserve the natural essence and complete therapeutic benefits of essential oils. A high-velocity, pressurized air stream and a specially designed jet nozzle effectively transform oil molecules into a micro-fine mist without using heat or water. These micro particles permeate the air and may remain suspended for hours, fully intact, with all of their natural power to displace airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, odor and more.

Cold vs. Heat Diffusers

Pure, unadulterated essential oils offer much more than a pleasing aroma; they can be medicinal in value and their impact on health and emotional/mental well-being is increasingly documented by medical studies. However, the quality of these pure oils is damaged by exposure to heat. Diffusing good oils by burning them with a candle or similar method is a waste of money.

Using a candle or heat-producing diffuser is inexpensive; however, heating the oils alters their chemical composition and aroma, essentially oxidizing them and potentially turning them toxic.

Although a cold air diffuser/nebulizer is more expensive than the heat methods, a good nebulizer is essential for effective medical or therapeutic usage of pure essential oils. This nebulizer has been tested and compared against many models; its quality and ease of use stands out above the rest.

Why Diffuse Essential Oils?

With the threat of super bugs growing ever more resistant to vaccines and antibiotics, nebulizing essential oils in our everyday environments makes more sense than ever before. Diffusing a micro-fine mist of pure, unadulterated essential oils into an enclosed atmosphere—whether at home, in the workplace or even in a classroom or gym—helps to create a zone of air that can enhance our well-being and immobilize viruses and bacteria.

Cold air diffusers, also called nebulizers, create a healthy indoor atmosphere. They have been used with antifungal essential oils to kill toxic mold inside houses. Depending upon the essential oils selected, diffusing them into the indoor air can uplift our spirits, help us relax or concentrate and even act as an insect repellant. Certain essential oils added to the nebulizer can support respiratory health to help us fight off viruses and bacteria that have been inhaled from the outside world.


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