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Citrus limon


Employ this great antibacterial agent in all your household cleaning products and ensure your home not only is clean but also smells fresh and bright. Like juniper berry, lemon essential oil is an immune system stimulant, rather than the toxic compound most chemical cleaners are.

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You can’t help but smile when you inhale the aroma of fresh lemon! Diffuse lemon essential oil around your home to invite positive energy and to disperse its antimicrobial fighting power and protect against colds and the flu. Nothing beats the cleaning power of lemon essential oil, and it’s an excellent degreaser too.




Plant Parts: Fresh fruit rind
Botanical Family: Rutaceae
Chemical Family: Monoterpenes
Country of Origin: Argentina
Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed
Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Aroma: Fresh and Fruity
Note Classification: Top


Diffuser: I use Lemon in my diffuser and often add it to diffuser blends. It adds freshness to the aroma and will kill the nasty germs in the air when others in the house are sick.

Cleaning: Add to your homemade cleaning products.


Emotional and Energetic Properties:

  • Uplifts and cleanses
  • Reduces tension and depression
  • Invites happy, outward energy
  • Adds sparkle and is full of life!

Therapeutic Properties:

  • Antibacterial – An agent that is capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of bacteria.
  • Antidepressant – An agent that is uplifting and counteracts melancholy.
  • Antifungal — An agent capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of fungi.
  • Anti-infectious – Helps the body strengthen its own resistance to infective organisms and rid the body of illness.
  • Antirheumatic – An agent that helps to relieve rheumatism.
  • Antiseptic – Assists in fighting germs/infections.
  • Antispasmodic —Relieves spasms of voluntary and involuntary muscles.
  • Astringent — Firms tissue and organs; reduces discharges and secretions.
  • Antiviral – An agent that can destroy or inhibit the growth and reproduction of viruses.
  • Carminative – Relieves intestinal gas pain and distention; promotes peristalsis.
  • Diuretic – Promotes activity of kidney and bladder and increases urination.
  • Immunostimulant – Stimulates functioning of the immune system.
  • Rubefacient – Oil increases local blood circulation and can cause minor skin irritation, vasodilatation and local analgesic effect.


Lemon Lift Scrub

1 cup (8 oz.) baking soda

3 or more tablespoons of castile soap

1 tablespoon of certified organic peppermint or lime hydrosol

8 drops balsam fir essential oil

12 drops lemon essential oil

8 drops peppermint essential oil

Directions: Mix all ingredients together.  Store in closed container.  Make sure to put a label on your product.

Use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, even safe for pans and dishes that need a more abrasive texture for cleaning.  A healthy product that’s not only good for cleaning, but also good for your skin, lungs and environment!


Lemon Bomb Toilet Cleaner – Who knew that cleaning toilets could be so much fun! 

Good for you, the planet AND your plumbing!  You can use this basic recipe for unclogging the kitchen sink so consider it a bonus to that sparkling commode, the plumbing gets a good cleanse too!


Add 5 to 6 drops of lemon essential oil to…

1 cup vinegar and 1 cup baking soda…

Combine the ingredients in the following order:

  1. Choose a large pitcher, pan or bowl because once you combine all the ingredients the fun begins!
  2. Add the lemon essential oil and the white vinegar first, then dump in the baking soda and watch the magic!  Pour into the toilet.

Once you drop the contents into the bowl it fills up with this thick, lemony and foamy cleaning genius that works amazingly well!  I let the magic sit for a while…then flush it down to clean the pipes too!



Tisserand safety: Photoxic.(Low risk) Minimal dermal use is 2.0%. If applied to the skin at over maximum use lever, skin must not be exposed to sunlight or sunbed rays for 24 hours. Old or oxidized oils should be avoided. Can store in the refrigerator in a dark, airtight container.

If pregnant, nursing or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician or clinical certified aromatherapist. For external use only. Keep away from mucous membranes & eyes. Test a small amount on skin for allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid using on infants and small children under the age of five.

Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil.



Lemon oil is excellent tonic for the circulatory system that may help break up plaque deposits in the arteries, reducing cholesterol. It may tone blood vessels and help with varicose veins, broken capillaries, and hemorrhoids. Lemon also protects and nourishes the liver.


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