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Promote Peace and Protection

Promote Peace and Protection

Outside, the temperatures may be a rollercoaster, but according to the calendar, spring has sprung! At Inshanti, we’re looking forward to all the green landscapes and budding flowers of this season as spring awakens again and we celebrate our 19th anniversary! Thank you for 19 wonderful years, and we’re looking forward to many more years of lifting moods, supporting physical and emotional health, and enjoying life!

Speaking of enjoying life – spring isn’t all sunshine and flowers; winter blues can linger, and we know spring colds and allergies are just around the corner. With this mind, this March, we’re featuring some of our favorite products to soothe your mind and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Cultivate Peace and Protection

One of our current favorites is the multipurpose cape chamomile essential oil. Crafted from a native South African plant, cape chamomile’s earthy, berry-sweet aroma has been known to lift spirits while its healing properties are helpful when dealing with boils, eczema, and even the itch from mosquito bites (perfect for late spring and summer!). Apply to the nape of the neck for calming. As a bonus, cape chamomile is our Ship ‘n Sniff featured product of the month! Try a sample with any order.

Or, try our St. John’s Wort Infusion oil, well-known for its antidepressant and mood-lifting properties. Created from fresh flowering tops and buds, there’s a saying with this oil: “the redder, the better,” referencing the deep, rich red hue indicating high levels of purity. Apply freely as needed.

Stop the Spring Sniffles

Conveniently packaged in an on-the-go inhaler, Inshanti’s Wheez-eez™ Inhaler is a powerful tool against spring bronchial issues. This inhaler harnesses the powers of inula and khella oils, extracted from plants native to the Mediterranean region and known to open up the lungs and ease congestion and asthma. Position at the nose and inhale freely to ease congestion.

Isn’t it the worst when your little ones are sick? If your baby starts with a spring cold, try our Sniffleless™ Baby’s Body and Bath Oil. Gentle enough for babies but also helpful for adults, Sniffleless™ combines the soothing power of Jojoba seed oil with the decongestive power of cypress and the immune-boosting power of cedarwood. Add 1-2 teaspoons to bathwater, or massage into the neck, chest, and bottom of the feet, and enjoy the woodsy aroma and healing properties.

Ready to clear out some of those winter germs? While spring cleaning, don’t forget to include our highly effective Wipe Out™ essential oil blend. A powerhouse of five different essential oils, studies show that the ingredients are known to kill 92% of gram negative and positive bacterial strains as well as target fungus and mold. Diffuse Wipe Out™ while spring cleaning and give those winter germs the boot!

Have allergies got you down but your schedule won’t let you rest? Us too – and when that happens, we turn to our Eucalyptus Globulus Hydrosol. Crafted from the same herbs, roots, flowers or bark as essential oils, hydrosols are formed by distilling these certified-organic ingredients, retaining many of the same benefits in a milder form. A multipurpose product, you can use Eucalyptus Globulus Hydrosol to combat allergies and seasonal colds, gargle with it to promote mouth health and healing, or even spritz it on the skin for an immune boost.

Health On the Go

Looking for a convenient and easy way to both enhance your mood and sanitize your space? Our Balance Essential Mist blends mental-booster Fragonia™ with the soothing, healing, antimicrobial and anti-infectious properties of Rosalina and the uplifting properties of Orange to fully harmonize your world while adding the antiseptic, bactericidal and antiviral protection of Ho Wood. Spritz a refreshing, sanitizing burst on hands, gym bags, linens, yoga mats and even hands.

Spring Smiles

Reading to elevate your tooth game this spring? Our Immuno Mouthwash Oil™ Undiluted Blend has strong antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties which go to work cleansing your mouth and healing inflamed gums. Apply 1-2 drops on toothpaste and brush teeth, or apply directly onto gums to heal inflammation and toothache. In addition to its healing powers, our Immuno Mouthwash Oil™’s spicy mint aroma will freshen your breath.

This spring, as you celebrate the return of greenery and flowers, let’s make it one to remember – with Inshanti.