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Secure Your Summer-With Inshanti!

Secure Your Summer-With Inshanti!

Hello July! Whether you’re firing up the grill, lighting the sparklers, or packing your bags for a much-needed getaway, Inshanti has everything you need to protect yourself and loved ones while keeping those “summer bummers” of insect bites, skin irritations, and tummy troubles at bay!

No Fear Travel

Packing up for a summer beach vacation or maybe a getaway to a new place? To maximize your travel confidence, throw in our Travel Buddy Kit, crafted to ease travel-related troubles. Our Kit includes nine of Inshanti’s essential oil blends packed in a convenient carry-on – $175 worth of products for only $95 – and the priceless feeling of protection. And as a special bonus – on Tuesday, July 4th, take 10 percent off our Travel Buddy Kit! Code: TRAVELBUDDY.

Banish Tummy Troubles 

Summer goodies like burgers, popsicles, or even cotton candy at the local fair are all staples of summer fun – up until tummy troubles begin. Our Stop Bellyaching™ Belly Balm blend is crafted from five pure essential oils that studies have shown work to relieve cramps, stomach pain, and gas, as well as the painful bloating that results from them. Apply as needed when tummy troubles begin. 

Summer Skin Security

Summer should be a time of relaxation, but often, summer schedules can get…hectic! Extracted from the resin of a Filipino rainforest tree, Elemi essential oil gets its name from Arabic, a word that conveys how it helps balance both your interior life and your exterior physical health. Prized for its ability to heal wounds and minimize scarring, Elemi also boosts immune systems and promotes inner harmony. Perfect for diffusing or combined with a carrier oil for a relaxing massage. Additionally, Elemi is July’s Ship ‘n Sniff™ feature – try some with every order!

It’s happened to the best of us – after a long day of outdoor fun, your skin is itching and hurting with bites and sunburn. Happily, Inshanti’s Clear & Cool™ Lotion reduces inflammation and soothes skin irritations, including sunburn, bug bites and rashes. Safe for children, this is a no-brainer for your beach bag or purse. Apply as needed to nourish skin and ease discomfort and itching. 

Or, check out Inshanti’s Skin Rescue™, which provides urgent healing on both physical and emotional levels. Blending aloe vera gel, witch hazel and seven different Inshanti essential oils, Skin Rescue cools pain and calms itch while also promoting rapid healing & drying of the affected area. Created by blend master Debra Stoltzfus as the result of concerned Amish mothers asking for a blend to help soothe and heal their children’s chicken pox and poison ivy, Skin Rescue™ is safe for all ages. Spritz on the rash as needed, and for a cooling bonus, refrigerator before using. 

Finally, to ward off the itch of bug bites before they begin, Inshanti’s convenient Bug Buster™ Spray combines organic witch hazel with five essential oils with bug-repelling aromas to create an easy-to-apply spray that nourishes the skin. Safe for all ages, Bug Buster™ Spray is a great alternative to DEET. Apply as needed and banish those bugs! 

Love Your Lips

Excessive sun exposure isn’t just hard on our skin – even our very lips can become dried out and chapped. Inshanti Lip Balms combine coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and organic beeswax for an ultra-moisturizing balm that can help heal inflamed, irritated, chapped and sensitive lips. Available in a variety of flavors, including chocolate mint, chocolate orange, orange creamsicle, spearmint, and peppermint. Apply as needed. 

This July, focus on making fun memories – and less on fighting off common irritants and skin issues. When fun is calling your name, go answer – and feel the security of Inshanti products.