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5 Ways to Spice Things Up

5 Ways to Spice Things Up

Ahhh, February – the month of romance! Are you looking to embrace your sensuality and spice things up with your partner? Why not intensify your pleasure through the power of plants? This month, we here at Inshanti are delighted to offer some tips to spark romance and ignite passion – perfect for Valentine’s Day, and even better all year long!

Awaken Your Senses: the link between aroma and emotion has long been studied, and it makes sense: according to research, a person’s nose has about 400 different types of olfactory receptors, meaning fragrance can play a role in intimacy as much as sight and sensation. At Inshanti, we suggest setting the scene with a special perfume. One of our favorites is our invigorating Cha Cha Cha™, which teases the nose with notes of aromatic vanilla, sweetly herbaceous sage and clary sage, and the spicy scent of black pepper.

Breathe and Relax: it’s hard to feel inspired intimately when your to-do list is racing through your head! Carve out time to relax and de-stress. At Inshanti, two of our favorite calming oils are clary sage and lavender, both of which are celebrated for easing tension and stabilizing emotions. As a bonus – both are great oils for a relaxing and romantic bath together. Just blend 6–8 drops of clary sage into 1 tablespoon of milk or carrier oil and add to the bath, or for lavender, blend 6-8 drops with 1 tablespoon of castile soap or carrier oil, and relax into a soothing romantic spa experience with your partner.

Intensify Desire: speaking of busy days – as a woman, it can be difficult to go from Wife and Mom to Lover. Certain essential oils have been known to specifically support feminine desire and pleasure. Kick off a romantic encounter by enjoying the woodsy, delicate, and slightly floral scent of sandalwood essential oil. Research shows that women who inhale the aromatic properties of sandalwood essential oil report feeling an increased mood and elevated level of desire.

Fun for Everyone: As an extra sensual boost, check out the essential oil Jasmine, sambac, known for its sweet, rich floral aroma and its natural aphrodisiac properties. Long celebrated by ancient cultures for its ability to ease inhibitions and increase desirability, it’s no wonder that this oil is known as the “Queen of the Night.” Jasmine, sambac is another great oil to add to a romantic bath or to sprinkle on linens for increased intimacy.

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Celebrate with Touch: who doesn’t love a romantic massage at the end of an evening? Essential oils, when blended with carrier oils, make a great aromatic addition to massages. One of our favorites is Rose Otto, also known as a “woman’s oil” thanks to its potent fragrance and hormone-balancing properties. Dab a drop on the heart, neck, or wrists to spark romance, or blend with 1 oz. of jojoba oil for a sensual massage. As a bonus – diluted Rose Otto is this February’s Ship ’n’ Sniff feature. Try some with any purchase.

From a dreamy bath to a sensual massage, is there something you and your partner are interested
in trying? Make February your month to spice it up – and maybe even consider making 2024 a
year of romantic adventure.