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Spring into Wellness!

Spring into Wellness!

Ahh, springtime –God’s creation is again waking up and new life is appearing in nature. It’s a season of renewal and rebirth – of shaking off the winter and looking forward to outdoor fun during warm, sunny days and balmy evenings. Of course, with outdoor fun comes the need for
protection – including pesky insects, environmental overexposure, and seasonal allergies. Fortunately, you’re looking for natural alternatives to chemically-produced pharmaceuticals, Inshanti has some excellent options.

As the earth awakens, so do insects – and while a necessary part of our ecosystem, the threat of bites and stings is something to avoid! To protect yourself and your loved ones, Inshanti’s Bug Buster™ Spray safe-for-children formula combines five essential oil with organic witch hazel to create an easy-to-apply spray which both nourishes the skin and causes bugs to go flying in the opposite direction. However, if bugs do attack, or your loved ones are feeling the effects of sun and wind
overexposure after a long day outdoors, Inshanti’s Skin Rescue™ blends eight different essential oils with organic witch hazel to reduce pain and discomfort and ease itching by calming and cooling the skin while aiding in healing and preventing infection.



Or, if lotions are your preference, our Clear & Cool™ lotion is filled with antihistamine properties to reduce inflammation and tame the itch of skin irritations. Known as “Mom’s beach bag essential,” this
safe-for-children formula travels easy for on-the-go cooling comfort with a soothing fragrance.

To combat seasonal allergies on the spot, try our Spring and Fall Inhaler, which combines five different essential oils – blue tansy, German chamomile, lavender, lemon, and peppermint – to produce maximum anti-inflammatory and decongestive effects with a cooling, calming effect to sinuses. Safe enough to use as needed, this is a great product to inhale when allergies threaten.



Or, if you prefer to combat allergies with a spritzer, our Allerg-eez™ is perfect for reducing congestion and opening airways. A blend of six different oils, Allerg-eez™ not only eases
breathing but can also bring a sense of calmness and well-being thanks to the inclusion of sweet-scented blue tansy oil, known for its stabilizing effects.

For many, a change in season also means debilitating and frustrating migraines – just as you want to enjoy life, they arrive and make you feel like your head is in a vise grip. Inshanti’s Migraine Breaker blends three different essential oils together for maximum effectiveness:
peppermint, for cooling and anti-nausea effects; frankincense for anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, and sweet basil for calming efforts. Be sure to first apply a carrier oil and then
use the Migraine Breaker Roll-on on the temples, behind the ears, or on the nape of the neck to reduce pressure and ease migraine symptoms.

In terms of general wellness, many are looking to CBD for managing chronic pain, reducing inflammation, relieving anxiety and depression and improving sleep. For those who may want to
explore CBD’s benefits without the THC, Inshanti’s THC-free Hemp Oil Elixir promotesphysical, mental, and emotional well-being through the use of 99.8% CBD isolate crystals distilled Kentucky-grown Industrial Hemp and MCT (Fractionated Coconut) oil. As an easy-to-
use tincture, our THC-free Hemp Oil can be administered with a few drops under the tongue and is completely non-addictive, non-intoxicating and perfectly legal in all 50 states.


In addition to personal protections, springtime also usually means protecting your home and refreshing your space with a spring cleaning. Happily, there’s no longer a need to expose yourself and your loved ones to toxic cleaning chemicals. Inshanti’s Green Cleaning Scrub is a
fragment blend of lemon, balsam fir, and peppermint essential oils perfect for creating an uplifting atmosphere in your home. With its abrasive texture, this scrub will scrub clean your
kitchen and bathroom without the use of toxic chemicals.
This spring, ease your mind – and your sinuses! – by enjoying protection and peace of mind with Inshanti’s thoughtfully and intentionally-crafted blends and products.