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Warm Up Winter!

Warm Up Winter!

Though the weather outside may be frightful, we here at Inshanti can help make your
winter delightful. Thanks to the efforts of our expert essential oil chemist and master blender
Debra Stoltzfus, we have a selection of products to elevate your spirits, stimulate your senses,
pamper your body, and harmonize your home atmosphere.
Feeling a touch of the winter blues? You’re not alone; an estimated 10 million Americans
feel the effects of seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, during the winter months.
Essential oils, particularly citrus oils, have been shown to assist in uplifting moods and
energizing spirits.

Inshanti’s Citrus Zinger, a blend of six citrus oils combined with the richness
of Vanilla Oleoresin oil, is perfect for diffusing and brightening your home or workplace atmosphere. Or, combine it with a carrier oil to rub into skin; the blend has been shown to be particularly effective with stomach issues.With its temperature extremes and dry air, winter can also wreak havoc on our skin. With
our dedication to using only the most superior moisturizers, Inshanti’s moisturizing butters, oils, and balms combine with aromatic essential oils to nourish your skin and delight your senses.


One such option is our Vanilla-icious Balm, which is a sensual blend of Jojoba and Marula infusedwith Vanilla Oleoresin, an oil made from the pure resin of the Vanilla plants of Madagascar. Highly moisturizing, Vanilla-icious Balm also has a warm, luxurious aroma for evoking positivefeelings.


Or, check out our Winter Gloves Balm, which contains a blend of certified organic Shea Butter, Jojoba, seed oil, Calendula flower, bees wax and lavender essential oil. Perfect for healing and revitalizing dry and cracked skin, soothing Winter Gloves can be applied both as protection before a winter snow walk, or afterwards to return moisture to skin. Finally, winter can be hard on the body – from decreased circulation to muscle ache to the soreness of constant shoveling. Combining cayenne, black pepper and other spicy oils.


Inshanti’s Hot Lava™ Warming Oil brings heat to the body, relaxing the muscles and reducing pain. Hot Lava™ Warming Oil can also provide daily relief if you suffer from arthritis or

Don’t let winter get you down! This winter, harness the power of plants with Inshanti
pure essential oils.