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Breathe Easy this Spring!

Breathe Easy this Spring!

For many people, late spring and early summer mean outdoor fun – gardening, picnics, visiting parks and lakes, and gatherings in the backyard or on the patio. Of course, outdoor fun also means outdoor annoyances – especially seasonal allergies and skin irritants. This spring, don’t miss out on making memories with family and friends – from protecting your skin to clearing your sinuses, Inshanti has you covered.

Banish Spring Allergies

It’s a beautiful spring day. You go outside, stretch, take a big sniff and…achoo! Oops! All those beautiful, blooming plants also mean pollen and other allergens in the air. Don’t despair! Inshanti’s Allerg-eez™ spritz is a blend of six different powerful oils intentionally crafted to reduce inflammation, open airways and soothe congestion. Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use spritzer, you can apply it to your face as needed. As a bonus, Allerg-eez™  includes sweet-scented blue tansy oil, known to inspire feelings of focus and balance, promoting emotional stability (helpful for those busy spring weekends!).

Or, if you’re looking for direct application to your sinuses, try our Spring & Fall Inhaler, which combines six different essential oils celebrated for their cooling and calming properties, which may produce a natural decongestant and antihistamine effect. With oils such as blue tansy and peppermint, you might even find them effective against spasmodic coughs and tension headaches. For use, place directly under the nose and inhale freely.

Safeguard Your Skin This Spring

Spring means gardening season – and many love the feeling of working in the dirt and cultivating flowers, herbs, and veggies. However, all that work might leave your hands feeling dry and chapped. Use Inshanti’s Garden Gloves™ Balm as both prevention and antidote. Luxurious and nourishing, massage it onto your hands before gardening for protection, or after gardening to repair dry, chapped or cracked skin. With a soothing lavender aroma, Garden Gloves™ Balm is a fantastic addition to your nightly bedtime routine for overnight healing.

Or, wash off the day with Inshanti’s Garden Party, which blends sweet-and-spicy Sweet Marjoram oil with Lime, a fragrant citrus oil, to create a soap which not only uplifts your spirits with its aroma but also serves as a lymphatic stimulant to reduce fluid retention and cellulite. One of our classic coconut castile soaps, the sweet herbal and citrus scent of Garden Party honors its name.

Soothe Your Spirit

Has a busy spring schedule got you stressed? Are you looking to support your hormones? Inshanti’s Geranium essential oil is a gentle, soothing oil with properties known to ease nervous tension and stress when inhaled or diffused. Celebrated as hormonal support for PMS or menopause, this oil also helps to create a balance between oily and dry skin by regulating the sebum production of the skin. Geranium essential oil can also be added to a bath or to a bowl of spring water for a facial splash. As a bonus – Geranium essential oil is our Ship ‘n Sniff™ of the month! Enjoy a sample with any order!

Feel Springtime Fresh

Warmer temperatures leaving you feeling less than fresh? Our Mountain Mist Spritzer blends Inshanti pure essential oils to create a sweet, woodsy blend which will leave you smelling fresh and serve as nutrition for the skin and the immune system, including the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Use as an underarm deodorant, facial toner, aftershave, or perfume/cologne for both women and men.

This spring, don’t miss out on all the fun! Inshanti has what you need to breathe easy and feel protected – which leaves you more time to enjoy life!