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Happy May!

Happy May!

Happy May, and happy early Mother’s Day! With springtime in full swing, we here at Inshanti are packing our bags and heading out into the sunshine for outdoor fun – which also means bringing along skin protection, allergy support, and bug spray! This May, we’re delighted to feature all our favorites for safeguarding our bodies and protecting our peace of mind.

Celebrate Mom!

May also means it’s time to celebrate all the lovely moms in our lives. This Mother’s Day, Inshanti is delighted to announce a special sale: on Sunday, May 14th, enjoy a 15 percent discount on all essential oils, with coupon code MOM15. Mom always deserves a special surprise – and grab yourself something, too!

Unique Gifts

Speaking of Mother’s Day – are you looking for that perfect, unique gift for Mom? This month, we’re showcasing our Sound Mind Kit with Purple Crystals. This kit contains a crystal-filled glass pendant on a 23-inch rope chain necklace and a vial of Inshanti essential oil blend intentionally crafted to fight fatigue while also awakening curiosity, stimulating the mind, and improving concentration. Enjoy its citrusy and pungent aroma while it helps you focus on what brings you joy.

Looking to cultivate some relaxation this spring? Rich in both history and benefits, Inshanti soaps are an original recipe based off of “Sailor soaps,” which combined coconut oil and sea salt into a rich blend, earning the name “Sailor Soaps” from the ability to lather in any kind of water – supposedly even the ocean. Excellent for all skin types, Inshanti’s healing, coconut-based soaps, with a sea salt additive, are especially curative for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. A heady floral soap, our Lady Slipper Bar soap combines Rose Otto and Lavender essential oils for a cleansing experience that is calming both physically and emotionally.

Outdoor Protection

Do you look forward to gardening every spring, but dislike the number it does on your hands? Crafted from soothing seed oils and beeswax, with the calming aroma of lavender, our Garden Gloves™ Balm is both protective and healing. Massage into hands before heading outdoors to work in your garden as a protective barrier against skin damage or use as a restorative balm to help repair cracked, chapped skin and to moisturize and nourish your skin. More than just hand balm, Garden Gloves is also perfect for cracked and dry knees, elbows, and feet.

Love to work with your flowers but not a fan of bugs? Have you been searching for a DEET alternative? Our convenient Bug Buster™ Spray blends organic witch hazel with five essential oils celebrated for their bug-repelling ability. An easy-to-apply spray that nourishes the skin, Bug Buster is safe for all ages, so apply as needed – and stop and smell the roses!

This season has had some warm and sunny days already – so stocking up on sun protection and sun aftercare is a must. Crafted from nourishing and healing seed oils, beeswax, and essential oils, Inshanti’s Sunshine Butter™ Balm eases sunburn and soothes cracked skin. Lavender, Neroli, and orange essential oils combine for a fresh, fruity, citrus aroma in this healing blend, which can be applied directly to the affected area.

Healing and Calming Oils for Spring

Celebrated for its ability to calm the heat of both inflammation and turbulent emotions, yarrow essential oil has been used for centuries to reduce pain, swelling, menstrual cramping, and fever. Named for the mythical Greek hero Achilles, who is said to have used the herb to heal the spear wound of one of his soldiers during the Trojan War, yarrow essential oil was a staple of traditional folk medicine to heal wounds and burns and manage menstrual cramps. As a bonus: yarrow oil is our Ship’n’Sniff feature of the month! Try a sample with every order!

Who doesn’t love vanilla during any season? Our Vanilla Bourbon CO2 Extract brings the soothing aroma of vanilla to both your beauty products and your kitchen! A rich and luxurious oil, feel free to add a drop or two into perfumes and lotions, or in your honey, sugar, or coffee (a pound of it, not a cup!) to allow its sweetness to de-stress your life!

Stay Fresh

Have you been considering switching to a chemical-free deodorant? Inshanti’s Fresh & Pure Deodorant Stick combines beeswax, coconut oil, and seed oils with the citrus aromas of orange, lemon, and grapefruit and the woodsy scent of cedarwood for a nourishing blend that will keep you fresh all day long.

This spring, let’s cultivate peace of mind along with the plants in your garden. At Inshanti, we’re happy to help you enjoy the beauty of the season while feeling secure and protected – with the power of plants.