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No More Summer Bummers!

No More Summer Bummers!

Happy July, everyone! With mid-summer in full swing, we here at Inshanti are breaking out the sparklers to celebrate the 4th and packing the coolers to enjoy the long, hot days of July.

This month, we are delighted to announce our special Fourth of July sale: 15 percent off our Citrus Zinger™, an aromatic blend of six citrus oils combined with the richness of vanilla essential oil. Perfect for diffusing, the fusion of fragrances creates a spirit-lifting boost, or dilute Citrus Zinger™ in a carrier oil and massage it into your belly to help with tummy troubles – especially post-BBQ.

And who doesn’t love a summer BBQ, a day at the pool, or a humid evening on the patio under the stars? Unfortunately, all the outdoor summer fun also means the possibility of all the “summer bummers”: sunburn, bugs, poison ivy, travel tummy and more. Don’t let these irritations bring you or your loved ones down – Inshanti can help.

Battle Summer Bummers

Speaking of the great outdoors…we at Inshanti understand your commitment to seeking alternatives to chemicals such as DEET. Our convenient Bug Buster™ Spray combines organic witch hazel with five essential oils with bug-repelling aromas to create an easy-to-apply spray that nourishes the skin. Safe for all ages, apply as needed and enjoy nature safely and happily.

And if a day outside ends with unintended consequences – well, it happens to the best of us. Perhaps after a day of fun in the sun, you suddenly realize that your skin is red and hurting. Crafted from nourishing and healing seed oils, beeswax, and essential oils, Inshanti’s  Sunshine Butter™ Balm eases sunburn and calms cracked skin. Lavender, Neroli, and orange essential oils combine for a fresh, fruity, citrus aroma in this soothing blend, which can be applied directly to the affected area.

Chasing lightning bugs or watching the stars come out are great for evening fun – but less exciting when you realize the mosquitos have been snacking on you. Created with a fresh and fragrant essential, our Clear & Cool™ Lotion reduces inflammation and soothes skin irritations, including sunburn, bug bites and rashes. Safe for children, apply as needed to nourish skin and tame discomfort and itching. Whether in the backyard or at the playground, Clear & Cool is there when problems pop up.

Hiking and walks are also great summer fun, but poison ivy and sumac are…not. Created by blend master Debra Stoltzfus as the result of concerned Amish mothers asking for a blend to help soothe and heal their children’s chicken pox and poison ivy, Skin Rescue™ provides urgent healing on both physical and emotional levels. Blending aloe vera gel, witch hazel and seven different Inshanti essential oils, Skin Rescue cools pain and calms itch while also promoting rapid healing & drying of the affected area. Apply to the rash as needed, and for a cooling bonus, refrigerator before using.

Smart Summer Travel

There’s nothing worse than heading out for summer travel – only to wake up with a stuffy nose, scratchy throat or upset stomach. Fortunately, you can take protection on the road – or in the sky – with Inshanti’s Travel Buddy Kit. Our Kit includes nine of Inshanti’s essential oil blends packed in a convenient carry-on – $175 worth of products for only $95. This summer, travel with confidence, knowing that you have relief at hand.

The Scent of Summer

There’s nothing quite like the scent of summer evenings. A combination of sandalwood, patchouli and mandarin oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil, Inshanti’s Bohemian Summer™ Perfume roll-on is a playful, relaxing aromatic complement to breezy, peaceful summer nights. Packaged in a convenient roll-on, throw Bohemian Summer™ into your bag for a quick application before summer fun. As an added bonus – Bohemian Summer™ is our July’s Ship ‘n Sniff feature! Enjoy a sample with any order.

This summer, don’t let the “bummers” get you down – let Inshanti help you safeguard summer fun. From nourishing your skin to soothing irritations, we have you covered – so that you and your loved ones can return to enjoying life.