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Orange Blossom Hydrosol

Citrus aurantium var. amara


Exile anxiety and caffeine jitters with the calming presence of orange blossom. This antistress hydrosol mildly sedates your central nervous system without making you sleepy. As an astringent and antibacterial, orange blossom will tone your skin and help to settle acne and other skin irritations.

2 oz.
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Floral Accent - Green

You’ve overindulged. Orange blossom hydrosol comes to the rescue! It serves as a digestive tonic, targeting gas, bloating, and constipation. Or if too much coffee has you frazzled, add the hydrosol to water or your coffee cup and slowly sip to break the frenzy. Take it as a daily tonic to assist while your fighting addictions.



Plant Parts: Flowers
Botanical Family: Rutaceae
Chemical Family: Monoterpenes, Monoterpenols
Country of Origin: Morroco
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Aroma: Strong, Light, Floral-citrus, Lightly bitter,
Note Classification: Middle



Addictions: Add 30 milliliters to one liter of water and sip it throughout the day.

ADHD or SAD, adults: Add to glass of water and sip slowly, or mist on your face.

ADHD or SAD, children: Spray the hydrosol on your hands and then gently wipe on their face.

Anxiety, adults: Add to glass of water and sip slowly, or mist on your face.

Anxiety, children, babies or dogs: Spray the hydrosol on your hands and then gently wipe on their face. For children you can also add it to bathwater.

Caffeine: Add to glass of water (or to your cup of coffee) and sip slowly (see effect in two to three minutes); or mist on face.

Digestive issues: Mist on abdomen to relieve stress-related bloating, gas, cramps, and constipation.

Flavoring: Dilute hydrosol in water before using in food preparation as undiluted can be overwhelming.

Overindulgence: Add to glass of water and sip slowly or mist on face.

Skin care: Splash on as daily tonic, or use in face mask with clay and honey.


Therapeutic Properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory – Alleviates inflammation.
  • Antibacterial – An agent that is capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of bacteria.
  • Antidepressant – An agent that is uplifting and counteracts melancholy.
  • Antifungal — An agent capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of fungi.
  • Antiseptic – Assists in fighting germs/infections.
  • Antispasmodic —Relieves spasms of voluntary and involuntary muscles.
  • Astringent — Firms tissue and organs; reduces discharges and secretions.
  • Cicatrisant – Cell-regenerative for skin, healing for scars.
  • CNS Sedative – Calming to the central nervous system.
  • Digestive – Increases functional activity of the digestive tract.
  • Febrifuge –And agent that cools and reduces high body temperature.
  • Tonic — An agent that strengthens and improves bodily performance.


No known safety concerns.



Even overwrought emotions benefit from orange blossom, also called neroli; try it the next time your toddler is in hysterics or you’ve received a shock. The hydrosol may also help with ADHD or SAD (seasonal affective disorder) when applied topically or added to drinking water. Wipe some on the face of your stressed-out dog, especially when travel makes him nervous, to encourage relaxation.

The amazing scent inspires people to use orange blossom hydrosol as a perfume. And you can add its complex floral-fruity flavor to desserts, beverages, and fruit salads.


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