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The Bittersweet End of Summer

The Bittersweet End of Summer

August is a bittersweet month – summer is inching toward an end and autumn is fast approaching. Whether you’re looking to promote peace and calm amid hectic, late-summer fun or thinking about preventing the irritation of bug bites with natural bug spray, and fall allergies and colds, Inshanti has it!

With back to school fast approaching, you might be wondering about how to best protect your loved ones from colds and allergies. A blend of six different oils, Inshanti’s super-concentrated Armor™ Inhaler works to promote respiratory health and immunity, packaged in a convenient inhaler – easy to slip into a pocket and use while on-the-go. Originally created by master blender Debra Stoltzfus for a client looking to protect their respiratory system while attending a weeklong horse show, Amor’s ingredients help decongest the sinuses, boost the body’s immune response, reduce allergic reactions, and destroy microbes. This month only, Inshanti’s Armor is on sale for 20 percent off (ARMOR20) – just in time to prevent fall sickness.

Or, if you’re still enjoying outdoor summer fun, Inshanti has the perfect option to protect yourself and loved ones and prevent minor irritations. Looking to relax outside without pesky bugs – but also without the application of harmful chemicals like DEET? Inshanti’s Bug Buster™ Spray combines organic witch hazel with bug-repelling five essential oils as a natural bug spray alternative to big-name bug repellants. Safe for all ages, this easy-to-apply spray not only deters insects, but also nourishes skin.

If too much summer fun outside has you hurting by the end of the day, Inshanti’s German Blue™ Cooling Oil can reduce acute, hot muscular pain, providing a cooling sensation while helping heal injuries to your muscles and tendons. Thoughtfully crafted by Stoltzfus, it includes three anti-inflammatory powerhouse oils—peppermint, lemongrass, and German chamomile – for maximum tension relief when massaged on aching muscles.

Summer means barbeques and picnics – which might mean upset stomachs later on. Known for its digestive power, Peppermint essential oil is celebrated for its ability to relieve upset stomachs, heartburn, or bloating. Try it in our powerful yet gentle Peppermint Hydrosol spray. Crafted from the same herbs, roots, flowers or bark as essential oils, hydrosols are formed by distilling these certified-organic ingredients. This fragrant water mixture is gentle enough for a wide range of uses: spritz on skin to relieve hot flashes and exhaustion or add to water for a cooling drink, digestion relief, to eliminate bad breath, to balance skin irritations, or for a gentle cleanse. Our Peppermint hydrosol is even safe enough to be added to your cat or dog’s food for digestion support.

Finally, celebrate the perfume of late-summer with Inshanti’s Sweet Earth™, a complex fragrance which calls forth the scent of the planet’s hidden treasures. Conveniently packaged in one of Inshanti’s mini perfume roll-ons, this blend of cedarwood, spikenard, rhododendron, and patchouli essential oils works to calm the mind and instill a sense of peace.