You know that rampant antibiotic use is creating drug-resistant strains of infection. Benchmark Thyme was developed by aromatherapist Maggie Tisserand specifically to combat MRSA. Studies have shown it kills MRSA within two hours! This powerful blend is gentle, making it a better choice for children than tea tree oil. Keep your family protected whenever and wherever infection and microbes rear their ugly heads.


Plant Parts: Flowers & Leaves
Botanical Family: Lamiaceae
Chemical Family: Aldehydes, Monoterpenes, Monoterpenols
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Cultivation Method: Wildcrafted
Aroma: Herbal
Note Classification: Middle



Emotional and Energetic Properties:

  • Warms mind and body
  • Promotes confidence

Therapeutic Properties:

  • Anti-infectious – Protects against infection and effective against MRSA
  • Antiseptic – Assists in fighting germs and infections
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-inflammatory – Reduces inflammation
  • Antiviral – Inhibits growth of viruses
  • Bactericidal – Destructive to bacteria
  • Immune stimulant – Stimulates functioning of the immune system
  • Antioxidant


  • Apply “neat” to any cut or abrasion
  • Use this oil to help heal stubborn wounds.
  • Diffuse during cold or flu season to kill nasty germs in the air.
  • Use in a spray bottle to wipe down counter tops, telephones and doorknobs or to spray over bedding.
  • My friend and fellow aromatherapist, Crystal, has personally used this oil in blends for clients fighting MRSA and stubborn, slow healing wounds and has seen great success.
  • One diabetic client in particular had trouble with staph infections on his arms that would not heal. He had been exposed to many years of antibiotics and no longer responded to them. Benchmark thyme in his wound healing blend worked beautifully and he was able to get all of the sores to heal.
  • Crystal has also recently used benchmark thyme and juniper berry in aloe vera gel for a horse who had been fighting thrush for 14 years unsuccessfully. His thrush cleared with just 3 applications! His owner was thrilled – as was Crystal! If you would like to try this the recipe is:
    2 oz. Aloe Vera Gel
    15 drops Juniper Berry
    30 drops Benchmark Thyme
    Apply it 3x daily as needed.


None known.


The History of Benchmark Thyme

Benchmark Thyme is a specially formulated blend of thyme oils, with thymol and linalool being its major components, together with relatively high concentration of alpha-terpinene and terpinen-4-ol, compounds found in tea tree oil but not usually in thyme oil. All four of these chemicals have particularly strong anti-bacterial effects and are found in a variety of essential oils, to varying degrees, but not in high concentration in one single oil – giving it a power punch against microbes – which is why four different thyme plants were put together to create Benchmark Thyme.

Benchmark Thyme is a unique blend of four ethically grown (chemical and pesticide free) Thyme oils. This combination of thyme oils has been chosen to provide the most effective composition of anti-bacterial aroma-chemicals, but is still gentle on the skin.

Maggie Tisserand, who has been involved with essential oils since the mid-1970s and is the author/co-author of five books on aromatherapy, has worked with distillers to create this co-distilled, wonderful oil. Read about her research on Essential oils that work against MRSA in her new book “Aromatherapy VS MRSA” soon to be released (check back here as Inshanti will be carrying the book as well).

Maggie Tisserand’s MRSA research and her oil, Benchmark Thyme, is “the result of many years’ research and analysis into finding the best combination of Thyme plants. Grown in the UK, and with many remarkable features.”

On Maggie’s website she writes “Benchmark Thyme is a unique blend of ethically grown (chemical and pesticide free) Thyme oils, carefully chosen by to provide the most effective composition of anti-bacterial aroma-chemicals, whilst being gentle on the skin”.

“The uniqueness of Benchmark Thyme is that it is a combination of aroma-chemicals (see chart below) that is unique in its overall composition. Some aroma-chemicals like terpinen-4-ol can be found in Tea Tree oil and some, like linalool, can be found in Thyme Linalool, but only in Benchmark Thyme do all of these aroma-chemicals (and more) come together in a synergistic combination; all from our four thyme oils”.

Maggie Tisserand article: “Aromatherapy Oils Could Kill Superbug

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