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The Benefits of 3 Cedarwood Oils

The Benefits of 3 Cedarwood Oils

For many people, the idea of a cedarwood essential oil connects to a woodsy, outdoorsy aroma and a natural insect repellant. However, this family of essential oils is more than just a pretty smell to deter bugs. Each oil within the family carries its own unique fragrance and therapeutic properties – properties prized by oil aficionados. Read on for your “essential” guide to these “essentials” of essential oils and how to maximize the benefit of each member of this family. 

Cedarwood Oil Family History, Benefits and Chemical Composition 

Members of the cedarwood oil family have been in circulation for thousands of years, with evidence that the Egyptians used it to repeal insects and as part of their embalming practices. Cedarwood oil is also one of many essential oils mentioned in the Bible for cleansing and healing. Since ancient times, cedarwood essential oils have been celebrated for their therapeutic properties; for example, in 1960, the Environmental Protection Agency listed it as an insect repellent, and since then, more studies have concluded significant findings, including:

While this family of oils does share some overlap in terms of their calming effects, their decongestant ability, and their capability to repel insects, specific cedarwood oils vary in terms of their specific chemical composition, resulting in distinctive therapeutic properties. One key thing to know is – only Atlas and Himalayan cedarwood oils are true cedar oils, steam-distilled from the wood chips or sawdust of cedarwood trees. By contrast, Texas and Virginiana cedarwood oils are actually junipers, and slightly different in properties and fragrance. 

Which Oil is Right for Me?

At Inshanti, we’re committed to educating our clients on the most effective use of essential oils for maximum benefit. Below is a breakdown of different members of the cedarwood family that we feature in-store and on our website and their specific therapeutic benefits:

Cedarwood Atlas, Certified Organic, Cedrus atlantica. Grown in Morocco and descendants of the cedars of Lebanon mentioned in the Bible, Cedarwood Atlas has a warm, sweetinshanti pure essential oils cedarwood atlas aroma reminiscent of cedar-lined chests and is used most often in perfumery and cosmetics. However, this versatile oil offers a variety of other benefits. Deeply calming, it’s often used for relieving stress and getting mentally centered and grounded. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties make it a popular choice for massage oils and for reducing the pain of arthritis. More than just calming for the mind, its decongestant, antispasmodic, and expectorant properties support healthy respiration – perfect for relieving chest colds and congestion and supporting healing. Finally, a 1998 study showed that cedarwood atlas oil proved to be a safe and effective treatment for alopecia areata, a condition during which hair falls out, resulting in patches of baldness.


Cedarwood, Virginiana, Juniperus virginiana. Distilled from the Juniper family, this essential oil has a fresh, woodsy aroma often described as an improved version of a freshly-shaved pencil. A powerhouse with decongestant and expectorant inshanti pure essential oils cedarwood virginiaproperties, Virginiana cedarwood is often used to help with respiratory issues. Additionally, thanks to its antiseptic and diuretic properties, this is a great infection fighter, especially for UTI and kidney issues. Emotionally, this oil is celebrated for its stress-relieving and confidence-boosting ability, especially when diffused into the air or inhaled. Finally, Virginiana cedarwood can also be blended with a carrier oil or lotion as a healing support for skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and acne; it is noted for reducing the appearance of rough and red skin thanks to its astringent ability. As a healer, Virginiana cedarwood’s anti-bacterial properties make it a useful oil for superficial lesions. Likewise, it works as a superior insect repellent – great for long summer nights outdoors. 


Cedarwood, Texas, Juniperus Mexicana. Native to the U.S., with a distinctive sweet, soft, balsamic woodinshanti pure essential oils cedarwood texas fragrance, Texas cedarwood is fantastic for healing. Whether diffused into the air to support the immune system or inhaled to clear nasal passages from sinusitis or seasonal allergies, this oil’s curative benefits are impressive. Likewise, it was used by Native Americans in New Mexico to treat skin rashes and is widely added to natural lotions today to help with eczema. Finally, as with all cedarwood oils, this is a great stress reliever and insect repellant. 


With these benefits in mind, you’d be hard-pressed to find a selection of related, yet still distinctive, oils with a wide range of emotional, mental and physical benefits. At Inshanti, we’re happy to help guide you through the selection process and educate you on how to maximize the potential of these versatile oils.