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Will Viruses and Bacteria Become Resistant to My Essential Oils?

As antibiotics are overused, superbugs are arising that are totally resistant to them. Could the same thing happen if we use immune system essential oils regularly?

No, because of the unique and natural character of essential oils.

Viruses and bacteria cannot become accustomed to essential oils because of the oils’ complex makeup, according to Dr. Valnet, a medical doctor in Paris, France. One essential oil can have 200–800 chemical constituents. It is impossible for a virus to mutate and adapt to that complexity.

Antibiotic drugs, on the other hand, are made by isolating only one or two constituents. A virus can easily mutate and adapt to the drug, making it useless.

In addition, because environmental conditions are constantly changing, no two batches of essential oils are exactly the same, so the viruses and bacteria do not have time to adapt. Essential oils are so complex, they provide the perfect foil to the viruses and bacteria that invade our lives.