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Happy October!

Happy October!

Happy October, everyone! Autumn is officially here! At Inshanti, we’re all about “treats” instead of any “tricks,” so we rounded up some of our favorite “treats” to support increasing your health, well-being, and joy this fall season. From celebrating your womanhood and femininity to decreasing distraction and “brain fog” to protecting yourself and your loved ones – we’ve got an oil for that!

Fight like a Woman!

Speaking of celebrating your womanhood, October is both National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Menopause Awareness Month. At Inshanti, we have many products geared specifically towards supporting women’s needs – including our Bodacious Boobi™ Balm. A blend of seven different essential oils from fresh flowers, including violet blossom, red clover blossom, and dandelion blossom, Bodacious Boobi™ Balm supports your lymphatic system and good breast health. This fragrant balm is the perfect addition to your regular breast self-checks.

Promote Peace

Between football games, pumpkin and apple picking, and all the school events, October is a hectic time. Our Center™ essential oil blend contains oils that are very high in sesquiterpenes, which are known to increase oxygen around the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus of the brain. This blend was developed by our blend master Debra Stoltzfus to support children on the autism spectrum with focus, and its unique properties are also useful with ADHD and even general “brain fog” from stress or long-term Covid. Apply our Center blend throughout the day on the neck and chest area, under the nose, or on the bottom of the feet to enhance clarity and focus.

Or, to maximize your peace, try any one of our CBD products. Non-addictive, non-intoxicating, and perfectly legal in all 50 states, certified organic hemp CBD extract has shown useful in managing chronic pain, reducing inflammation, relieving anxiety and depression, and improving sleep. Due to E-commerce restrictions, these products can only be ordered by phone or in store. If you wish to order by phone, please call us at (717) 587-3990.

Maximize Results

Who doesn’t love a product with multiple benefits? Our sweet-and-spicy Cedarwood Atlas essential oil is a dynamo at repelling insects during outdoor fun while its soothing smell promotes calm and restful sleep. It also serves as a natural decongestant and expectorant. When combined into a blend, it can help in recovery from colds and other respiratory issues. Finally, its anti-bacterial properties help to relieve itchy scalps and control oily skin, while its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can aid in the relief of arthritis. Best of all, Cedarwood Atlas essential oil is our Ship’n’Sniff sample of the month – meaning you’ll get to try this powerhouse when you place any order!

Is fall already drying out your hands? Inshanti’s Happy Hands Creme™ targets harmful bacteria and viruses as it stimulates your immune system, while the hydrating aloe base moisturizes your thirsty skin. Use in place of commercial sanitizer and enjoy your “happy hands” while playing in the leaves!


Candy, Anyone?

Are your littles already dreaming of their Halloween candy? (And are you planning to sneak a piece or two? Us, too!) Or have you already started planning your Thanksgiving meal? Let’s face it: fall has lots of yummy goodies – but no one wants to spoil them with a tummy ache. Our Bellyaching™ Belly Balm can help you. Crafted from five pure essential oils known for their supportive ability to relieve cramps, stomach pain, gas, and bloating, this blend is a must-have for any post-celebration days – or any time at all! Simply massage onto the belly for relief.


Fight off Fall Colds

Fall may mean all the fun – but it also means all the colds and sickness. Diligently crafted from a precise blend of ingredients that are anti-viral and anti-bacterial, our Viral D™ gives you a strong tool in your arsenal to fight the symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, flu, and the common cold. A powerful agent that breaks up the mucus caused by chronic sinus and severe lung and bronchial conditions, Viral D is perfect for diffusing and purifying your home, or for use in a steam bath: drip 3-5 drops of Viral D™ in a bowl of steaming water, then place a towel over your head and the bowl, close your eyes and breathe. Or, coat the inside of your nose with a carrier oil, and then add 1 drop of Viral D to a cotton ball and rub around the inside of each nostril. Please do not use Viral D as nose drops.

This October – “treat yourself” with enhanced joy and peace of mind…through the power of plants.