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January’s Chilly Charms

January’s Chilly Charms

From frosty temperatures and wintery landscapes, January may have its chilly charms…but along with those charms come achy muscles, dry skin, chapped hands, sniffles and coughs, and low spirits. Beyond the physical effects of winter, long, cold days can affect emotional well-being and mental health, resulting in the “winter blues,” or in the more serious form, seasonal affective disorder  (SAD) – a condition an estimated 10 million Americans experience.

At Inshanti, we understand – and we harness the power of plants to help you navigate January more comfortably. From our expertly formulated oil and oil blends to our intentionally-crafted products, we can help energize your spirits, pamper your skin, and enliven your living space.

Buttery Soft Skin and Hands

Need a moisture boost? Unrefined natural butters, rich in their natural vitamins and nutrients, blend with Inshanti essential oils to create an ultra-moisturizing, nourishing skin treatment in the form of our body butters, available in two delicious scents: Harmony™ and Delightful™. Smooth on for relief from dry, itchy skin, or upgrade your bathing time with an in-shower buttery boost.

Or, if your hands are chapped and painful, our Happy Hands Creme™ can help! Available in four different scents, this blended bouquet of several essential oils works to target viruses and bacteria while building up your immune system and nourishing your skin. Sanitizing and moisturizing – what could be better?

Essential Warm-Ups!

Does the cold have you feeling achier and moving slower? Have some soreness after shoveling or playing in the snow? Depending on your needs, Inshanti has options to get you on the road to recovery.

For both short-term and chronic aches and pains, try our Mastic Balm for long-lasting relief. The healing properties of this herbal-infused blend will slowly penetrate down into your joints and muscle tissue, calming inflammation and stimulating blood flow. Apply as needed.

Or, another option is our Hot Lava™ Warming Oil, a spicy blend of seven different essential oils, including black pepper and cayenne, which will warm your body and increase your circulation. Perfect for relieving the aches of illness, injury, arthritis or rheumatism, Hot Lava will have you back on your feet in no time.

Finally, whether you’re looking to alleviate muscle or joint pain, or to ease illness-induced chest tightness, Black Pepper essential oil’s warming properties offer relief. Massage it in as part of an oil or lotion blend, and experience the warming of those tight muscles, aching joints, and stiff limbs. For digestive support, rub on the belly to relieve nausea and stomach spasms.

Ward off Winter Colds

With cold and flu season in full swing, protect yourself and your loved ones with Inshanti’s unique essential oil powerhouse—Viral D™. Diligently crafted from a precise blend of antiviral and antibacterial ingredients, Viral D™ gives you a strong tool in your arsenal to fight the symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, flu, and the common cold. Break up stubborn mucus caused by chronic sinus and severe lung and bronchial conditions with a simple inhale from a cotton ball, or blend 3-5 drops in a bowl of steaming water and breathe in vapors.

Elevate your Spirits

Fight those winter blues with Inshanti’s unique Essential Mists, which are sanitizing blends of antiviral and antibacterial pure essential oils packaged in a travel-friendly applicator for on-the-go support. Like a hug for your mind, our Hugs™ Essential Mist combines the aromatic oils of vanilla, Patchouli, and Orange with anti-bacterial oil Ho Wood, creating a blend that vigorously defends against viruses and bacteria.

Special This Month! Ship ‘n Sniff Feature

Certain essential oils are unique for their diverse uses, including Cinnamon Bark essential oil, our debut choice for our brand-new feature, the Ship ‘n Sniff, which adds a sampler of one of Inshanti’s pure essential oils and products to any purchase!

With strong antimicrobial properties helpful in warding off stubborn viruses and intestinal distress, Cinnamon Bark not only smells amazing but can aid in immune and digestive support. For maximum effect, “ball” up a single drop in a teaspoon of honey and take it internally. As a bonus – Cinnamon Bark’s warming properties are perfect for blending with a carrier oil and using in a foot massage to warm up cold, aching toes after being outside in the cold.

This winter, warm up the cold days and ease pesky winter annoyances with Inshanti!