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Bergamot, Certified Organic

Citrus bergamia


Combat depression and support your emotional health with the sweet citrus aroma of our certified organic bergamot essential oil. Combined with tea tree oil and lavender, bergamot can also be effective against cold sores, chicken pox and shingles.

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You can fight stress and depression and calm your nervous system with the help of Inshanti’s bergamot essential oil. Our master blender, Debra Stoltzfus, considers it one of the most valuable oils she has ever used to support emotional health and wellbeing. Its anti-viral properties stimulate the immune system and seek to destroy viruses and alleviate inflammation while the light citrus scent will uplift your spirits and encourage your sunnier side.


Plant Parts: Peel
Botanical Family: Rutaceae
Chemical Family: Esters, Monoterpenes
Country of Origin: Italy
Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed
Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Aroma: citrus, floral, sweet
Note Classification: Top



Belly Blend: Relief for belly pain and cramping. See recipe in recipes tab.

Cold Sores: Blend together 4 drops bergamot, 10 drops of tea tree, 20 drops lavender into 1 oz. carrier oil. Apply directly to cold sore. Bergamot is phototoxic – make sure to avoid tanning booths and sun for 12 hours after applying oil blend. Please see safety information.

Diffuser: Relieves depression, as it adds a light, uplifting, and lovely aroma to the room.

Sore Spasmodic Muscle Pain: Relief for spasmodic muscle pain and cramps. See recipe in recipes tab.

Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil.


Emotional and Energetic Properties:

  • Relaxing, restorative, calming
  • Emotionally uplifting
  • Supports the release of repressed emotion
  • Helps reduce insomnia and anxiety

Therapeutic Properties:

  • Antidepressant – helps prevent and alleviate depression
  • Anti-inflammatory – alleviates inflammation, promotes cooling
  • Antispasmodic – relieves spasms and cramps
  • Antiviral – destructive to viruses
  • Carminative – settles digestion and may assist in preventing gas
  • Sedative – Calms and tranquilizes by lowering the functional activity of the organ or body part.
  • Tonic— An agent that strengthens and improves bodily performance.


Muscle Pain Relief

5 drops bergamot

2 drops lemongrass

3 drops patchouli

4 drops chamomile, roman

1 oz. carrier oil or lotion

Directions: Blend all ingredients in a 1 oz. container. Massage into effected area.

Bergamot is phototoxic – make sure to avoid tanning booths and sun for 12 hours after applying oil blend. Please see safety information.


Phototoxic—Avoid direct sunlight or sun beds for 12 hours after applying bergamot to the skin. Bergamot must not be applied to the skin undiluted. Serious skin burning/damage can occur if Bergamot is used on the skin and then the skin is exposed to the sun or a tanning booth. It may be used safely on the skin in a blend at no more than .4% (approximately 1 drop of Bergamot per ounce of carrier). Do not use undiluted on the skin or in a bath.

If pregnant, nursing or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician or clinical certified aromatherapist. For external use only. Keep away from mucous membranes & eyes. Test a small amount on skin for allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid using on infants and small children under the age of five.

Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil.


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