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“Spring” Into Your Best Self

“Spring” Into Your Best Self

Spring is an exciting time here at Inshanti! Not only are we rejoicing as the world begins anew again, but we are delighted to be celebrating our 18th anniversary! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for 18 wonderful years! We are looking forward to the next 18 – and beyond.

This spring, we’re delighted to be featuring a great mix of our handcrafted products – including options to elevate your mood, soothe your emotions, and purify your home (spring cleaning, anyone?).

Elevate your space

Speaking of spring cleaning – are you looking to disinfect your home without the use of toxic chemicals? Gentle enough for use with babies and pets but strong enough to combat viruses and bacteria, our Green Cleaning Kit offers a selection of Inshanti products which will disinfect surfaces while still protecting your skin.

For additional cleaning power, Inshanti’s Lemon essential oil is an excellent de-greaser. Make your own cleaning products (recipes on our website!) or add it to a diffuser to purify the air and kill any possible germs. As a bonus: Lemon essential oil is also an immune stimulant to combat those spring colds!

Soothe your mood

If you’re looking to cultivate peace this spring, we have some great options. A soothing combination of five different essential oils, including the potent Lavender and Chamomile, our Sweet Dreams™ blend can help calm your mind and ease your nerves for restful sleep. Available in an easy-to-carry inhaler or as a liquid blend, Sweet Dreams is perfect for restless nights both at home and on the road. Or, apply topically for relief from itching and leg cramps.

Life is full of ups and downs. As support through rocky times, our Quiet Heart essential oil blend gently nurtures you, soothing emotions, promoting feelings of love, easing shock and grief. A calming combination of sandalwood, rose otto, and sweet orange, dab Quiet Heart on wrists and neck area to relax tension while encouraging warmth and joy.

As a bonus this month, our Ship ‘n Sniff™ featured product is an Inshanti favorite: our In Perfect Peace™ (it’s what Inshanti means!) blend. Created by our master blender Debra Stoltzfus for her own use when she was traveling for her aromatherapy studies, this 6-oil combination is perfect for reducing fatigue and worry. If you’ve been itching to try this blend, now’s the time! A sample ships with every order!

Ease your mind, ease your body

From allergies to spring gardening to celebrating with friends, springtime can bring some unique challenges. Fortunately, Inshanti has you covered.

Spring = a ton of outside work. Gardening may be wonderful for the soul, but it can be hard on the muscles. Inshanti’s Hot Lava™ blend utilizes the heat of cayenne and black pepper to warm your body, relax your muscles and reduce your pain when applied topically. Hot Lava is also a great option for relief from arthritis or rheumatism.

Nothing is worse than a migraine – except maybe missing spring fun because you have one. Inshanti’s Migraine Braker™ brings the power of three essential oils to put the “brakes” on a migraine! This blend includes the cooling and anti-nausea power of Peppermint, Frankincense as an anti-inflammatory, and Sweet Basil for calming. For use, apply a carrier oil first, then roll Migraine Braker on the temple, ears, and nape of the neck. This blend can also be used as topical pain relief on the upper back, shoulders, and knees.

Dealing with digestive issues? Our multi-purposeful Orange Blossom Hydrosol can help. This anti-stress hydrosol can ease gas, bloating, and constipation when misted over the stomach, or splash on your face to settle acne and skin irritations. Taken orally, it can reduce anxiety in both adults and children and support breaking the caffeine habit.

Since spring is a time of re-birth, why not give yourself the gift of a new, calmer you? At Inshanti, we can help you “spring” into your best self.