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The Power of Plants

The Power of Plants

Happy July! Welcome to long days of sunlight in the heart of the season of abundance – everywhere you look, nature is showing off with scenes of lush, green growth. Hidden within these plants are tried-and-true alternative options for aiding in the relief of chronic pain and seasonal allergies and illness.

Here at Inshanti, we believe in the power of plants! Expertly distilled by our master essential oil chemist Debra Stoltzfus, our intentionally-crafted essential oils, oil blends, and more give you non-chemical options for elevating your mind, body, and spirit – straight from Mother Nature.

Garden Party

Looking to enhance your personal routine? Our coconut oil and sea salt-based “sailor soaps,” so-called for their ability to lather in any kind of water, are a great addition for bathing. Combining the sweet-and-spicy aroma of our France-cultivated Sweet Marjoram essential oil with fragrant Lime, known for its uplifting properties, our Garden Party coconut castile soap will not only ease tension and elevate your mood, but its enticing scent will help you mentally escape to the garden of your dreams.

Mountain Mist

Or, check out our versatile Mountain Mist spritzer, perfect for use as an underarm deodorant, facial toner, aftershave, or perfume/cologne for both women and men. A blend of eight different essential oils, Mountain Mist is, as Deb says, “nutrition for the skin and the immuno-system, which includes the circulatory and lymphatic systems.” Anti-septic, cooling, cleansing, healing, and moisturizing as well as stimulating for cell regeneration and circulation, Mountain Mist not only smells amazing, but is the perfect “food” for your skin and a wonderful alternative to chemically-laden personal products.

Luscious Lips

Sunburned or chapped lips causing you problems? Our Luscious Lips will nourish your lips and promote healing. Combining beeswax with Jojoba, Baobab, and Avocado oils, this highly-penetrating balm will restore your lips into a soft, supple condition.

CO2 Extract

Finally, Inshanti’s Vanilla Bourbon, CO2 Extract brings the soothing, uplifting of vanilla to both your body and mind, releasing tension and encouraging calm. Create luxurious perfumes and lotions, or add a drop or two to your tea, honey, or coffee for an additional effect.

In addition to caring for yourself, are you looking to cut ties with the thousands of chemicals in infant and baby products? Inshanti has the answer. With a wide selection of soothing and calming products, the power of plants can help comfort and support your baby.

Want to nourish your baby’s skin? Cradle your baby in our Lullaby Baby™ Body and Bath Oil, perfect for soothing irritated skin, especially during bath time or diaper changes. Our proprietary blend of jojoba and lavender essential oil provides relief from skin irritations, and the addition of Melissa (better known as lemon balm) oil reduces restlessness and agitation through its superior and safe sedative properties, so baby sleeps well and you both get some rest.

Need to relieve an upset tummy? A blend of six different

Baby Care

essential oils, including Peppermint, known for its ability to relieve indigestion, our Rub A Dub™ Belly Rub is safe enough to be applied directly to baby’s skin, providing powerful relief for painful cramping and constipation.

Nothing is worse than when your baby doesn’t feel well. Inshanti’s Sniffleless™ combines immune system-booster cedarwood essential oil with cypress oil to help decongest the respiratory system and break down mucus to support healing. Massage gently into neck, chest, and/or bottoms of feet, or add to baby’s bath water.

Or, calm colic, congestion, and teething issues with our Rock A Bye Baby™, an effective blend of Roman chamomile oil, for calming, and mandarin essential oil, for clearing congestion. Perfect for treating teething issues or colic, the base of nonallergenic jojoba oil is also great for your newborn’s sensitive dry or irritated skin, including cradle cap.

This summer, celebrate Mother Nature and embrace the power of plants at Inshanti! For more information on other plant-based products, our helpful and informed team are happy to advise and educate you – whatever your needs!