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Every molecule for your good health

You want all that nature has to give you when it comes to your well-being. But as we explained on the CO2 Extracts page, the beneficial molecules in certain plants are simply too heavy to extract through steam distillation. To give you the full array of goodness from these plants, CO2 extraction is used to “harvest” those heavier molecules of goodness.

Inshanti’s vanilla bourbon CO2 extract, for instance, ensures you get the pure vanilla aroma you desire plus all of its health benefits. Vanilla is one plant for which there is no true essential oil (because you cannot steam distill it), and what you find labeled vanilla essential oil may, in fact, be created in a lab using manmade fragrance.

In the case of our ginger CO2 extract, the CO2 distillation process enables you to get all the fiery power and pungency of the ginger plant.